The 5 Cats of the Panthera Genus

(largest to smallest)


The Panthera genus consists of five big cats which are the largest in the cat family.

Four of the big cats in the Panthera genus are the only wild cats that have the ability to roar, however they cannot purr like most other cats. The snow leopard is the big cat exception in this genus that cannot roar.

Other large cats such as the puma and cheetah have different characteristics and are classified under the Puma Lineage.

These big cats are also the most endangered due to the loss and fragmentation of their large territories, and wildlife trade in their body parts and beautiful skins.

Big Cat Videos

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NatGeo Wild - Big Cat Week 2017

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Video Clips of Panthera Cats Taken in the Wild

Tiger Video Clips
ARKive video - Bengal tigers walking

Lion Video Clips
ARKive video - Asiatic lions drinking, male tolerates cubs

Jaguar Video Clips
ARKive video - Jaguar grooming itself

Leopard Video Clips
ARKive video - Arabian leopard - overview

Snow Leopard Video Clips
ARKive video - Snow leopard female and juvenile, adult hunting markhor down mountain slope

Panthera Genus Cat Quiz

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1. Which continent has the most big cat species?

2. Which continent has no big cat species?

3. Which two big cat species are at the most risk of becoming extinct?

4. Which big cat is also known as a Panther?

5. Which cat in the Panthera genus cannot roar?

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