Wild Cat Family is a central reference to all 40 wild cats in the Felidae family.

The wild cat species are grouped by the eight lineages of the Felidae family:

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Wild Cat LineageWild Cat Common NameFelidae GenusFelidae Species
Panthera lineage
1LionPantheraPanthera leo
2LeopardPantheraPanthera pardus
3JaguarPantheraPanthera onca
4TigerPantheraPanthera tigris
5Snow leopardPantheraPanthera uncia
6Clouded leopardNeofelisNeofelis nebulosa
7Sunda clouded leopardNeofelisNeofelis diardi
Bay cat lineage
8Asiatic golden catCatopumaCatopuma temminckii
9Bornean bay catCatopumaCatopuma badia
10Marbled catPardofelisPardofelis marmorata
Caracal lineage
11CaracalCaracalCaracal caracal
12African golden catCaracalCaracal aurata
13ServalLeptailurusLeptailurus serval
Leopardus lineage
14Geoffroy's catLeopardusLeopardus geoffroyi
15Guiña, KodkodLeopardusLeopardus guigna
16Northern tiger catLeopardusLeopardus tigrinus
17Southern tiger catLeopardusLeopardus guttulus
18Andean catLeopardusLeopardus jacobita
19MargayLeopardusLeopardus wiedii
20Pampas catLeopardusLeopardus colocola
21OcelotLeopardusLeopardus pardalis
Lynx lineage
22Iberian lynxLynxLynx pardinus
23Eurasian lynxLynxLynx lynx
24Canada lynxLynxLynx canadensis
25BobcatLynxLynx rufus
Puma lineage
26PumaPumaPuma concolor
27JaguarundiHerpailurus Herpailurus yagouaroundi
28CheetahAcinonyxAcinonyx jubatus
Leopard cat lineage
29Leopard catPrionailurusPrionailurus bengalensis
30Sunda leopard catPrionailurusPrionailurus javanensis
31Fishing catPrionailurusPrionailurus viverrinus
32Flat-headed catPrionailurusPrionailurus planiceps
33Rusty-spotted catPrionailurusPrionailurus rubiginosus
34Pallas's catOtocolobusOtocolobus manul
Felis lineage
35European wildcatFelisFelis silvestris
36African & Asiatic wildcatFelisFelis lybica
37Sand catFelisFelis margarita
38Black-footed catFelisFelis nigripes
39Jungle catFelisFelis chaus
40Chinese mountain catFelisFelis bieti

Species References:

Lineage Reference: O’Brien, J. S. and Johnson, W. E. (2007). The evolution of cats. Scientific American July 2007: 68-75.

Download this list:  Wild Cat Family List by Lineage.pdf