The 3 Cats of the Bay Cat Lineage (largest to smallest)

The Bay Cat Lineage consists of 3 varied cats in the Pardofelis (‘panther cat’) and Catopuma genera.
These cats inhabit the forests of South East Asia and have been little studied.

Catopuma Genus

Pardofelis Genus

3. Marbled Cat

(Pardofelis marmorata)

Marbled Cat (Pardofelis marmorata) - Bay Cat Lineage
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Marbled Cat Fact Sheet

 Borneo Wild Cat Project   Marbled Cats in Borneo

Bay Cat Family Classification

In scientific classification (taxonomy) the forest cats of the Bay Cat lineage belong to the cat family Felidae and the small cat subfamily Felinae. The higher and lower classifications of this group are as follows:

Family: Felidae

Subfamily: Felinae

Genus: Catopuma

Species: Catopuma temminckii (Asiatic Golden Cat)

Species: Catopuma badia (Borneo Bay Cat)

Genus: Pardofelis

Species: Pardofelis marmorata (Marbled Cat)

Video Clips Taken in the Wild

Asiatic Golden Cat Videos
ARKive video - Asiatic golden cat - overview

Asiatic Golden Cat in Malaysia
Borneo Bay Cat Video

Rare Borneo Cat on Video
Marbled Cat Videos
ARKive video - Marbled cat - overview

National Geographic - Marbled Cat Video

Wild Cat CourseBay Cat Lineage Cat Quiz

Click through on the images, videos and fact sheets above to find the answers to this quiz. Good luck!

1. What type of habitat do these three cats occupy?

2. Which cat was thought to be extinct until recently?

3. Which cat only occurs in Borneo?

4. Which other cat is the Marbled Cat similar to in coat pattern?

5. Which cat has a counterpart in Africa although they are not related?

6. Which cat lives primarily in trees?

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