Play this fun flash card game to learn the big cat names. There are seven wild cats commonly considered ‘big cats’, all weighing over 30kg and some far more than that!

Learn Big Cat Names

Prepare for the Game

Preview the names of the first 5 big cats on the Panthera page and the first 2 big cats on the Puma page. These are the seven big cats.

Decide if you want to guess the scientific names, the common names or both!

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Panthera tigris – Tiger




[q] [textentry] [a]

Panthera leo – Lion (male)




[q] [textentry] [a]

Panthera onca – Jaguar




[q] [textentry] [a]

Panthera pardus – Leopard




[q] [textentry] [a]

Panthera uncia – Snow Leopard




[q] [textentry] [a]

Puma concolor – Puma / Mountain Lion / Cougar




[q] [textentry] [a]

Acinonyx jubatus – Cheetah

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How to Play the Game

For each card – type in your big cat name guess in the text box below the picture.

Click on [Check Answer] to see if you are right. The card will flip over and show the correct answer.

Decide if you would like to play that card again [Need More Practice], or whether you know that cat’s name [Got It].

If you select [Need More Practice] the card will go to the bottom of the deck and come up again for you to guess.

Once you have selected [Got It] against all seven cards then the game will end and you can play again if you wish.

You can [Shuffle] the cards at any time.

Have Fun!

Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any queries about the game.