This endangered cat species list shows all the wild cat species and certain subspecies by Endangered Status (total 68).

The list is sorted from the most severe Endangered Status to the least severe, according to the IUCN Red List extinction risk categories.

Any regional assessments are indicated, otherwise the status shown is at the global level.

The subspecies listed have been assessed separately as they are more threatened than the rest of the species. The many other Felidae subspecies full under their associated species assessment.

List reference: IUCN 2019. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2019-2. <>. 14 Nov 2019.
Background image: Wild Cats of the World Poster by Ellen Chester.

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Felidae Endangered Status List @ November 2019

Species / SubspeciesCommon Name
Endangered StatusAssessment
Population Trend
EX Extinct
Panthera tigris balicaBali TigerEX2008
Panthera tigris sondaicaJavan TigerEX2008
Panthera tigris virgataCaspian TigerEX2011
RE Regionally Extinct
Panthera leoLion
Panthera tigrisTiger
CR Critically Endangered
Acinonyx jubatus heckiNorthwest African CheetahCR2008decreasing
Acinonyx jubatus venaticusAsiatic CheetahCR2008stable
Leptailurus servalServal
Lynx lynx balcanicusBalkan LynxCR2015stable
Panthera pardusLeopard
Panthera tigris amoyensisSouth China TigerCR2008unknown
Panthera tigris jacksoniMalayan TigerCR2015decreasing
Panthera tigris sumatraeSumatran TigerCR2008decreasing
Prionailurus bengalensis iriomotensisIriomote CatCR2015decreasing
EN Endangered
Acinonyx jubatusCheetah
Catopuma badiaBorneo Bay CatEN2016decreasing
Leopardus jacobitaAndean CatEN2016decreasing
Leopardus tigrinus_old oncillaCentral American OncillaEN2008decreasing
Lynx lynxEurasian Lynx
Lynx pardinusIberian LynxEN2015increasing
Neofelis diardi borneensisBornean Clouded LeopardEN2008decreasing
Neofelis diardi diardiSumatran Clouded LeopardEN2008decreasing
Panthera leo persicaAsiatic LionEN2008stable
Panthera tigrisTigerEN2015decreasing
Panthera tigris altaicaAmur TigerEN2011stable
Panthera tigris corbettiIndochinese TigerEN2011decreasing
Panthera tigris tigrisBengal TigerEN2011decreasing
Prionailurus planicepsFlat-headed CatEN2015decreasing
VU Vulnerable
Acinonyx jubatusCheetahVU2015decreasing
Caracal aurataAfrican Golden CatVU2015decreasing
Felis bietiChinese Mountain CatVU2015decreasing
Felis nigripesBlack-footed CatVU2016decreasing
Leopardus guignaGuiña, KodkodVU2015decreasing
Leopardus guttulusSouthern Tiger CatVU2016decreasing
Leopardus tigrinusNorthern Tiger CatVU2016decreasing
Neofelis diardiSunda Clouded LeopardVU2015decreasing
Neofelis nebulosaMainland Clouded LeopardVU2016decreasing
Panthera leoLionVU2016decreasing
Panthera pardusLeopardVU2016decreasing
Panthera unciaSnow LeopardVU2017decreasing
Prionailurus bengalensis raboriVisayan Leopard CatVU2008decreasing
Prionailurus viverrinusFishing CatVU2016decreasing
NT Near Threatened
Caracal caracalCaracal
Catopuma temminckiiAsiatic Golden CatNT2015decreasing
Felis margaritaSand Cat
Leopardus colocolaPampas CatNT2016decreasing
Leopardus wiediiMargayNT2015decreasing
Otocolobus manulPallas's Cat, ManulNT2016decreasing
Panthera oncaJaguarNT2017decreasing
Pardofelis marmorataMarbled CatNT2016decreasing
Prionailurus rubiginosusRusty-spotted CatNT2016decreasing
LC Least Concern
Caracal caracalCaracalLC2016unknown
Felis chausJungle CatLC2016decreasing
Felis margaritaSand CatLC2016unknown
Felis silvestrisWildcatLC2015decreasing
Felis silvestrisWildcat
Felis silvestrisWildcat
Herpailurus yagouaroundiJaguarundiLC2015decreasing
Leopardus geoffroyiGeoffroy's CatLC2015stable
Leopardus pardalisOcelotLC2015decreasing
Leptailurus servalServalLC2015stable
Lynx canadensisCanada LynxLC2016stable
Lynx lynxEurasian LynxLC2015stable
Lynx lynxEurasian Lynx
Lynx rufusBobcatLC2016stable
Prionailurus bengalensisLeopard CatLC2015stable
Puma concolorPuma, Mountain Lion, CougarLC2015decreasing
DD Data Deficient
Felis chausJungle Cat

Felidae Endangered Status Updates since November 2016

Nov 2018 to Nov 2019

Nov 2017 to Nov 2018

Nov 2016 to Nov 2017

  • Snow Leopard (Panthera uncia) assessed 2016, published 2017 - Endangered to Vulnerable and trend Decreasing.
  • Jaguar (Panthera onca) assessed 2016, published 2017 - remains Near Threatened and trend Decreasing.


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