Felidae Research ~ 80+ docs added to IUCN CatSG Library Feb 2024

Felidae Research ~ IUCN Cat Specialist Group Library Update ~ February 2024

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The IUCN Cat Specialist Group has added over 80 documents on Felidae research and other wild cat literature to their library as at February 2024 which now totals 15195 documents.

The list below is sorted by the Document Author column to start, click on the Wild Cat column title to sort by that column.

To find documents on a particular cat or topic, type a keyword into the Search bar eg jaguar or evolution.

The compilers of the list have reduced the titles to be more concise and have excluded the Latin names of species, so use the common names of the wild cats you are interested in.

Note: this is a very basic list and only the text in the titles is available to search on, and there is no link to the actual document.

The librarian is now adding papers in other languages so, where I am not sure of the topic, I have just categorised the paper as 'Z' in the meantime.

To view the abstract for a document go to the IUCN CatSG Library Reference Search and type in a keyword per field:

  • eg Author = Becker, Title = lion, to = 2022 and [Search]
  • click on the document link in the results to preview the abstract
  • members can then click further on the pdf icon to download the full article

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Document Author and TitleWild Cat / Topic
Alvarez Pinna et al 2023 Nuevo registro del gato de pajonal uruguayoZ
Becker et al 2022 Guidelines for evaluating conservation value lion translocationsLion
Bernard et al 2023 Puma sex influences diet New MexicoPuma
Bertola et al 2022 Genetic guidelines for translocations lionLion
Bertola et al 2022 Whole genome sequencing lionLion
Bhavana 2016 Identification of valid microsatellites for Royal Bengal tigerTiger
Bou et al 2021 Population structure and gene flow Geoffroys catGeoffroys Cat
Chakrabarti 2018 Sociality in Asiatic lionsLion – Asiatic
Chetri et al 2023 Camera trapping reveals habitat overlap leopard snow leopard NepalSnow Leopard
Choudhury 2001 Systematic review of mammals north-east IndiaMammals
Cho et al 2022 Genetic diversity of the Amur leopardLeopard – Amur
Darman & Williams 2003 Conservation Action Plan Russian Far East Ecoregion ComplexConservation
Darman et al 2006 Conservation of Amur tiger habitat and prey baseTiger – Amur
Darman et al 2018 Tiger EconetTiger
de Pinho 2015 Influencia de fatores ambientais sobre a occorenciaZ
Distel et al 2023 Last stronghold of Munoas Pampas cat ArgentinaPampas Cat
Hiller et al 2022 Understanding South Africas captive lion sectorLion
Howard-McCombe et al 2023 Genetic swamping of Scottish wildcat was recentEuropean Wildcat
Jamieson et al 2023 Limited historical admixture between European wildcats and domestic catsEuropean Wildcat
Johansson et al 2023 Predation patterns and hunting behaviour snow leopardSnow Leopard
Kamaru et al 2024 Ant-plant mutualism-shapes lion-prey interactionsLion
Kurup 1989 The treasured tigerTiger
Lehocka et al 2022 Genetics of captive Moroccan Royal lionsLion
Lescroart et al 2023 Extensive phylogenomic discordance genus LeopardusLeopardus
Luja et al 2022 Jaguars in the matrixJaguar
Macdonald et al 2020 Predicting biodiversity richness in rapidly changing landscapesBiodiversity
Macedo 2015 Relationship between big cats and residents in the AmazonFelids
Machado 2022 Padrao de atividade e de ocupacao carnivorosCarnivores
Magalhaes 2020 Mamiferos prioritarios para conservacao e uso de habitat pelo tatu-bolaZ
Magioli 2018 Trophic functional and isotopic ecology terrestrial mammalsMammals
Manoa et al 2023 Drivers of predator-proof boma disrepairConservation
Marchenkova et al 2021 Assessing genetic diversity Amur leopardLeopard – Amur
Marchini et al 2022 Importance of communities for jaguar conservationJaguar
Martins 2020 Human dimensions between people and jaguar and pumaJaguar, Puma
Mecozzi et al 2021 The tale of a short-tailed catEvolution
Melo 2021 Epidemiology of a jaguar population AmazonJaguar
Mills & Mills 2017 Kalahari CheetahsCheetah
Moheb et al 2023 Snow leopard intrusions into livestock corrals AfghanistanSnow Leopard
Montalvo et al 2022 Experimental release of orphaned wild felids Costa RicaFelids
Moqanaki & Samelius 2022 Monitoring the manul guidelinesPallas's Cat
Moreira 2020 Haemocytozoa in free-living jaguarsJaguar
Nora 2022 A conservacao da Panthera onca no BrasilJaguar
ODonoghue et al 2023 Snow track counts for density estimationResearch Methods
Oliveira 2018 Coocorrencia espacial e temporal de mamiferos do CerradoZ
Palmeira 2015 Co-occurrence trophic interactions potential distribution jaguar AmazonJaguar
Pal et al 2021 Mammals of the Bhagirathi basin Western HimalayaMammals
Parchizadeh & Belant 2022 Little time left for Asiatic cheetahCheetah – Asiatic
Peigne 1999 Proailurus one of the oldest FelidaeEvolution
Pereira et al 2020 Small protected area facilitates persistence large carnivoreCarnivores
Pereira et al 2020 The last 25 years of research terrestrial carnivores ArgentinaCarnivores
Phosri et al 2021 Fishing cats in an anthropogenic landscapeFishing Cat
Pimentel 2017 Variacao espacial e temporal no uso do habitat por jaguatiricaZ
Pina 2019 Population genomics of jaguarsJaguar
Powell & Iqbal 2022 First records of flat-headed cat on Kampar Peninsula SumatraFlat-headed Cat
Ramirez et al 2022 Genomic signatures of ecological strategies in neotropical wild catsFelids
Ratnayaka et al 2021 Urban habitat use and home ranges of fishing cats Sri LankaFishing Cat
Ribeiro 2020 Redes sociais no contexto da conservacao de mamiferos terrestresZ
Richmond-Coggan 2019 The Namibian leopardLeopard
Robertson et al 2020 Environmental predictors of livestock predationConservation
Samelius et al 2021 Keeping predators outConservation
Sana 2022 Big cats in a changing landscapeFelids
Sartor 2023 Estrutura populacional de Leopardus colocoloPampas Cat
Sartor et al 2021 The role of the environment in spatial dynamics two catsFelids
Shevtsova et al 2018 Saving the Amur tiger and Amur leopardTiger – Amur, Leopard – Amur
Shwe et al 2023 Anthropogenic pressure on large carnivoresCarnivores
Sibanda et al 2022 Effectiveness of community-based livestock protectionConservation
Sievert et al 2022 Assessing first cheetah reintroduction MalawiCheetah
Silva et al 2021 New records of the Andean cat in central ChileAndean Cat
Singh 1989 The man-eating phenomenonConservation
Sliwa et al 2022 Surveying catching and monitoring Black footed cats Benfontein and GrunauBlack-footed Cat
Sliwa et al 2023 Home ranges of African sand catsSand Cat
Souza 2015 Demography and genetic diversity of largest felines in the AmericasFelids
Stoner et al 2015 Jaguar habitat connectivity and road mitigationJaguar
Tirelli 2017 Analises ecologicas de duas especies de felideosZ
van der Hoek et al 2023 Diversity and diel activity patterns of terrestrial mammalsMammals
Villalobos et al 2022 Using precautionary principle to halt mining Andean catAndean Cat
Vogt 2015 Olfactory communication and hunting behaviour Eurasian lynxEurasian Lynx
Walker et al 2022 Recommendations for rehabilitation and release of cheetahsCheetah
Werdelin et al 2010 Phylogeny and evolution of catsEvolution
Wibisono et al 2021 Integrating Javan leopard conservation into UNESCO Biosphere ReserveLeopard – Javan
Yadav et al 2022 A systematic scoping review of tiger conservationTiger
Zagorodniuk et al 2014 Wildcat in UkraineEuropean Wildcat
Zonta et al 2019 Intestinal parasites of Leopardus geoffroyiGeoffroys Cat

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