Felid Research - 70+ docs added to the IUCN CatSG library Apr '24

Felid Research ~ IUCN Cat Specialist Group Library Update ~ April 2024

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The IUCN Cat Specialist Group has added nearly 80 documents on felid research and other wild cat literature to their library as at April 2024 which now totals 15371 documents.

The list below is sorted by Wild Cat to start, click on the column title to sort by that column.

To find documents on a particular cat or topic, type a keyword into the Search bar eg bobcat or habitat.

The compilers of the list have reduced the titles to be more concise and have excluded the Latin names of species, so use the common names of the wild cats you are interested in.

Note: this is a very basic list and only the text in the titles is available to search on, and there is no link to the actual document.

The librarian is now adding papers in other languages so, where I am not sure of the topic, I have just categorised the paper as 'Z' in the meantime.

To view the abstract for a document go to the IUCN CatSG Library Reference Search and type in a keyword per field:

  • eg Author = Rafiq, Title = leopard, to = 2024 and [Search]
  • click on the document link in the results to preview the abstract
  • members can then click further on the pdf icon to download the full article

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Author and TitleWild Cat / Topic
Brakels & Souwideth 2023 First record of Asiatic golden cat in Phou Hin Poun NPAAsiatic Golden Cat
Chatterjee et al 2018 Photographic evidence of Asian golden catAsiatic Golden Cat
Fraser et al 2018 Anticoagulant bobcatBobcat
Serieys et al 2018 Anticoagulant poisons promote immune dysfunction in bobcatsBobcat
Jangid et al 2022 Hunting of hunted suitable habitat caracalCaracal
Al Hikmani & Al Hikmani 2024 First record caracal twin kittens Saudi ArabiaCaracal – Asiatic
Bal et al 2023 Hunting of clouded leopard in Mizoram IndiaClouded Leopard
Lucena-Perez et al 2020 Genomic patterns in the widespread Eurasian lynx shaped by Late QuaternaryEurasian Lynx
Gerngross et al 2023 SCALP categorisation of European wildcatEuropean Wildcat
Drouilly et al 2023 Wild cat species in fluxFelids
Li et al 2024 Habitat accessibility and snares impact large cats and their preyFelids
Moqanaki & Sanderson 2023 Honour the indigenous names for cat speciesFelids
Pereira et al 2022 Individual identification of large felids in field studiesFelids
Sharma et al 2023 Records of four cat species from JawaiFelids
Adhya et al 2023 Distribution of fishing cat in ChilikaFishing Cat
Herrero & Garcia-Serrano 2023 Perspectives for Iberian lynx reintroduction in AragonIberian Lynx
Arroyo-Arce & Thomson 2023 Impacts of jaguar predation on nesting sea turtlesJaguar
Chambers et al 2022 Spatial models of jaguar energy expenditure in response to border wall construction and remediationJaguar
Elwin et al 2024 Illegal production of jaguar products in Bolivian prisonJaguar
Eppert et al 2022 natural selection of melanism jaguar and oncilla SpanishJaguar
Martinez et al 2023 Melanistic jaguar record in northern Central AmericaJaguar
Meissner et al 2023 Habitat destruction threatens jaguars BoliviaJaguar
Figel et al 2021 Jaguars and pumas exhibit distinct spatiotemporal responses ColombiaJaguar, Puma
Mooring & Eppert 2022 Circadian and lunar activity patterns of jaguars and pumasJaguar, Puma
Schauer 2021 Willingness to coexist with jaguars and pumas in Costa RicaJaguar, Puma
Weston et al 2023 Participatory research jaguarundiJaguarundi
Ayers 2019 Leopards and chacma baboonsLeopard
Braczkowski et al 2022 Leopard and spotted hyena densities Lake MburoLeopard
Dhakal et al 2023 Patterns of livestock predation by leopards NepalLeopard
Rafiq 2016 Risk-driven behaviour in the African leopardLeopard
Rafiq et al 2020 Spatial and temporal overlap between leopards and competitorsLeopard
Sehgal et al 2023 Leopard and wild boar sharing meal CN78Leopard
Datta et al 2023 Community insights into leopard and tiger conservationLeopard, Tiger
Heydinger 2020 Human livestock and lion in northwest NamibiaLion
Loveridge et al 2022 Where have all the lions gone establishing realistic baselinesLion
Nicholson et al 2023 Socio-political and ecological fragility African lionLion
Khorozyan & Heurich 2023 Where why and how lynx kill domestic animalsLynx
Graham 2017 CITES the case of ocelotOcelot
Lorestani et al 2022 Ecological niche models reveal divergent habitat use of Pallas cat in Eurasian cold steppesPallas Cat
Barrientos et al 2023 Light pollution and cougarsPuma
Blakey et al 2022 Mountain lions avoid burned areasPuma
Huffmeyer et al 2022 Inbreeding depression mountain lion Southern CaliforniaPuma
Karandikar et al 2022 Dietary patterns of pumaPuma
Laundre & Papouchis 2020 What can we learn from sport hunting of pumas CaliforniaPuma
White et al 2020 Cougar predation on northern caribou British ColumbiaPuma
Alexander & Johansson 2023 20 years snow leopard networkSnow Leopard
Aiyadurai 2016 tigers are our brothersTiger
Dhar & Mondal 2023 Nature of human-tiger conflict in Indian SundarbanTiger
Dhendup et al 2023 Evidence of tiger population structure and dispersal BhutanTiger
Gupta 2016 Livelihood dependency and pressures on tiger habitatTiger
Sharma & Neupane 2023 Enhancing human-tiger coexistence NepalTiger
Becker et al 2024 Wire-snares and African carnivore guildX Carnivores
Braczkowski et al 2020 Population estimates of large carnivoresX Carnivores
Henschel et al 2020 Census and distribution of large carnivores in Tsavo NPsX Carnivores
Kolling 2017 ecology and conservation of carnivorous mammals in Rio Grande do SulX Carnivores
Abie et al 2021 Diversity and habitat association of medium and large mammals EthiopiaY Mammals
Adyla et al 2016 Wildlife inhabiting catchment of Hulu Terengganu hydroelectric damY Mammals
Aihara et al 2016 Mammalian wildilfe tourism Endau Rompin NP MalaysiaY Mammals
Dhendup et al 2019 Mammal diversity in central BhutanY Mammals
Dorji et al 2019 Mammal richness and diversity in Himalayan hotspotY Mammals
Rondoni Fernandez 2019 Effects of environmental factors mammal richness Paso CenturionY Mammals
Ang & Charles 2023 FHC in Brunei DarussalamZ
Ardiantiono et al 2024 Selecting umbrella species as indicatorsZ
Bakri et al 2018 Wildlife species artificial pasture MalaysiaZ
Caravaggi et al 2017 Review of camera trapping for behaviour researchZ
Estraver et al 2014 Vertebrates of the Cerro Campana lomal system Trujillo La Libertad PeruZ
Figel et al 2023 Snaring in a strongholdZ
Flores 2016 Impact of agriculture and livestock on the water quality.pdfZ
Gobierno 2019 Estudio de alternativas de manejo para el area ecologicaZ
Greysi Josari & Rossmery 2018 Diagnosis of territorial tourist resources for the design of a route in the district of San FelipeZ
Guo et al 2017 Population dynamics and space use wild boar ChinaZ
Moorhouse et al 2023 Assessing potential of levy based system to replace trophy huntingZ
Prakash 2022 Wildlife crime prevention measures undertaken in a protected areaZ
Rafiq et al 2023 Increasing ambient temperatures trigger shifts in activity patternsZ
Roopsind et al 2017 Logging and indigenous hunting impacts animal persistenceZ
Sernaque 2018 Death of vertebrates due to being run over in the district road network of Tambogrande PiuraZ
Uddin et al 2022 Market based wildlife trade dynamics BangladeshZ
Vasquez Zuloeta 2018 mining investment and socio-environmental conflictZ

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