IUCN Cat Specialist Group Library Update 2017 05 23 - Wild Cat Family

IUCN Cat Specialist Group Library Update 2017 05 23

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The IUCN Cat Specialist Group has added 147 recently published documents to their library as at 2017 05 23.

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The list below is sorted by Author. To find documents on a particular topic type a keyword into the Search bar eg cheetah or South Africa.

Note: this is a very basic list and only the text in the titles is available to search on and there is no link to the actual document.

To view the abstract go to the IUCN CatSG Library Reference Search and type in a keyword per field:

  • eg Author = Adania, Title = puma, to = 2017 and [Search]
  • click on the document link in the results to preview the abstract
  • members can then click further on the pdf icon to download the full article
Document Title
Adania et al 2017 First soft-release of a relocated puma in South America
Aditya & Ganesh 2016 Camera trap records rusty-spotted cat and leopard cat from Papikonda NP India
Alexander et al 2015 Determinants of site use by snow leopards in China
Alldredge 2014 Cougar demographics and cougar human interactions
Allen et al 2015 Feeding and spatial ecology mountain lions California
Allen et al 2016 Motivation weapons and foul odors in driving encounter competition in carnivores
Almansa Ruiz et al 2016 Bacterial profile of necrotic pulps in cheetah canine teeth
Alonso et al 2014 Road expansion and connectivity mitigation wildlife California
Anderson et al 2015 Canada lynx monitoring Colorado
Argyros & Roth 2016 Bone fractures wild carnivores United States
Arnemo et al 2006 Risk of capture-related mortality in large mammals Scandinavia
Azevedo et al 2010 Cannibalism among jaguars
Bacon & Boyce 2016 Landscape of fear for naive prey
Barnett et al 2016 Mitogenomics of the Extinct Cave Lion
Barri 2016 Reintroducing guanaco in central Argentina
Barthold et al 2016 Bayesian inference on mortality for the dispersing sex
Bauer & Rskay 2015 Reconnaissance visit to Alatash-Dinder Lion Conservation Unit
Bauer et al 2015 Interim report on the carnivore survey in the Benoue complex
Bauer et al 2016 Site report Gambella
Bauer et al 2016 Site report Kafa Biosphere Reserve and adjacent Protected Areas
Bhattarai & Fischer 2014 Human tiger conflict and its perception Bardia NP Nepal
Bhattarai 2009 Human tiger conflict Bardia National Park
Bischof et al 2012 Implementation uncertainty when using recreational hunting to manage carnivores
Blake & Gese 2016 Resource selection by cougars
Booth-Binczik et al 2013 Food habits of ocelots and potential competition with bobcat Texas
Borrego & Dowling 2016 Lions solve learn and remember novel resource acquisition problem
Brooks et al 2009 Evaluating conservation success in safeguarding tropical forest biodiversity
Burstahler et al 2016 Demographic differences in diet breadth Canada lynx during prey availability
Carter & Linnell 2016 Co-Adaptation Is Key to Coexisting with Large Carnivores
Cassaigne et al 2016 Diet of pumas in Sonora
Charre-Medellin et al 2013 First records of jaguar from the state of Michoacan
Chege et al 2015 Rare case of hepatocellular carcinoma in Arabian sand cat
Chen et al 2016 Home range activity patterns and threats leopard cat Taiwan
Chiang et al 2015 Clouded leopard in Taiwan extinction and reintroduction
Cooper et al 2016 Predicted pleistocene holocene range shifts of tiger
Crooks et al 2008 Animal vehicle collisions wildlife mitigation structures lynx roadway interactions
Curtis-Robles et al 2016 High Trypanosoma cruzi infection prevalence Texas
de Cassia Bianchi et al 2016 Niche partitioning among mesocarnivores
Dennison et al 2016 Habitat relationships of mountain lions and prey
Devesa-Garcia et al 2016 Surgical correction patellar luxation Eurasian lynx
Di Cesare et al 2016 Aelurostrongylus abstrusus in wild felids of South Africa
Eacker et al 2016 Annual elk calf survival in multiple carnivore system
Efford et al 2016 Density dependent home range size revealed by spatially explicit capture recapture
Elbroch et al 2016 Cougars killed by North American Porcupines
Elliot et al 2014 Lion movements vary according to dispersal group size and rain fall
Ersmark et al 2015 Population demography and genetic diversity in the Pleistocene cave lion
Falcon-Ordaz et al 2015 Lion blastocysts after in vitro maturation of oocytes sperm injection
Ferretti & Lovari 2016 Predation may counteract climatic change as a driving force for ungulate movements
Fitak et al 2016 A novel SNP genotyping assay for pumas
Flacke et al 2015 Treatment of chronic herpesviral dermatitis cheetah Namibia
Fletcher et al 2016 Divergent perspectives on landscape connectivity reveal consistent effects
Gallo et al 2016 Pinyon-juniper removal has long term effects on mammals
Garcia et al 2014 Use of prey by sympatric bobcat and coyote Izta Popo NP
Gilad et al 2011 Cougars in Guadalupe mountains National Park
Gilfillan et al 2016 Cross modal individual recognition in wild African lions
Golezardy et al 2016 Diversity of ticks infesting cheetahs at three breeding centres in South Africa
Harrison 2010 Ecological relationships of bobcats Chihuahuan desert New Mexico
Hartman et al 2016 Laparoscopic salpingectomy in captive leopards
Hernandez-Santin et al 2012 Suitable habitats for cougars Texas and Northern Mexico
Hurstel & Laurent 2016 First evidence of lynx dispersion from the Jura to the Vosges
Ibisch et al 2016 A global map of roadless areas and their conservation status
Jackson et al 2016 Evaluating habitat connectivity methodologies African wild dogs South Africa
Jedrzejewski et al 2017 Jaguar density and population structure from camera trapping in Los Llanos
Johansson et al 2016 Targeting human fear of large carnivores
Johnsingh 2016 Saving the tiger in a sacred landscape
Jones 2016 Potential overlap in habitat space of caracal and blue duiker in KwaZulu-Natal
Jumabay-Uulu et al 2014 Comparison of diets of snow leopards and wolves Kyrgyzstan
Karawita et al 2016 Calodium hepaticum in jungle cats in Sri Lanka
Karki et al 2013 Estimating abundance of Nepals largest population of tigers
Kelly et al 2012 Noninvasive sampling for carnivores
Kirberger & Tordiffe 2016 Adrenal gland findings in semi-captive cheetahs
Koch et al 2016 Feral cat globetrotters genetic traces of historical human mediated dispersal
Krishnamurthy et al 2016 Multi-scale prediction of landscape resistance for tiger dispersal India
Kutal et al 2016 The influence of hunting on large carnivore occupancy in the Western Carpathians
Lazzeri & Bandinelli 2016 The presence of the wildcat in Val di Cecina
Lindemann et al 2015 Multicentral t cell lymphoma and cutaneous hemangiosarcoma captive cheetah
Lopez-Vidal et al 2014 Foraging of bobcat in Chihuahuan desert
Lucchesi et al 2014 The wildcat in the north-central Apennines
Lyamuya et al 2014 Human carnivore conflict over livestock Serengeti ecosystem wild dog
Marrow et al 2015 Comparison of two alpha2 adrenergic agonists on urine contamination of cheetah semen
Martinez-Garcia et al 2014 Density of ocelot in Sierra Abra Tanchipa Biosphere Reserve Mexico
Mattisson et al 2016 Prey body condition influences decision-making in the wolverine
Mejia-Fava et al 2015 Assessment with sonography as an aid for diagnosis of gastrointestinal perforation
Metcalf et al 2016 Climate warming and human occupation in Patagonian megafaunal extinctions
Millan et al 2016 Molecular detection of vector borne pathogens in wild and domestic carnivores
Miller et al 2016 Human perceptions mirror realities of carnivore attack risk for livestock
Milner & Irvine 2015 The potential for reintroduction of Eurasian lynx to Great Britain
Montalvo et al 2016 Factors affecting jaguar and puma predation on livestock in Costa Rica
Moreira-Arce et al 2016 Mesocarnivores respond to fine grain habitat structure in landscape mosaic Chile
Murphy-Mariscal et al 2015 Native wildlife use of highway underpasses in desert environment
Napoli et al 2016 Survey on parasitic infections in wildcat by scat collection
Nascimento et al 2016 Range extension of the Pantanal cat in a Cerrado-Caatinga-Atlantic Forest ecotone Brazil
Nicholson et al 2014 Mountain lion habitat selection in Arizona
Nordstroem 2010 Temporal and spatial variation in predation on roe deer fawns
Omoya et al 2014 Estimating population sizes of lions and spotted hyaenas Uganda
Otrano et al 2015 Role of wild canids and felids spreading parasites to dogs and cats in Europe
Owen-Smith 2015 Coexistence in diverse herbivore carnivore assemblages
Paviolo et al 2016 The challenge of jaguar conservation in the Atlantic Forest of South America
Perez-Irineo & Santos-Moreno 2016 Abundance and activity patterns of medium-sized felids
Petruzzi et al 2008 Eurasian lynx in the Apennines a possible return
Petruzzi et al 2014 The wildcat in the Majella National Park
Piegert 2015 Pilot study of wildcat habitat connection Germany
Pierce & Bleich 2014 Enumerating mountain lions a comparison of two indices
Porfirio et al 2014 How is the jaguar perceived by local communities along Paraguai river Pantanal
Povilitis 2015 Recovering jaguar in peripheral range Challenge to conservation policy
Proulx & Dickson 2013 Photographic record cougar in Ukalta dunes natural area
Ragni 2006 The wildcat
Ragni et al 2016 Presence and status of lynx in the Ossola valley
Ramohavelo 2011 Actual knowledge of lynx distribution in the canton of Valais
Rodriguez-Varela et al 2016 Ancient DNA reveals past presence of Eurasian lynx in Spain
Romportl et al 2013 Designing migration corridors for large mammals Czech Republic
Roques et al 2014 Monitoring jaguar populations with non-invasive genetics Brazilian ecosystems
Rostro-Garcia et al 2016 Felid predation risk of livestock kills by tiger and leopard Bhutan
Sadler et al 2016 Clinicopathologic features of mammary masses in captive lions
Sadler et al 2016 Evaluation of two canine distemper virus vaccines in captive tigers
Sadler et al 2016 Progressive syringohydromyelia and degenerative axonopathy bobcat
Sant Cassia et al 2016 Oscillometric and direct blood pressure cheetah
Santoni et al 2016 The European wildcat in the Casentinesi Natural Reserves
Sarkar et al 2016 Movement and home range of reintroduced tiger Panna tiger reserve India
Schmidt et al 2016 Kinship and spatial organization in Eurasian lynx
Schultz 2011 Conservation means behaviour
Sillero-Zubiri et al 2015 Saharan cheetah a ghostly dweller on Nigers Termit massif
Simcharoen et al 2014 Female tiger home range size and prey abundance
Simon Mata 2016 Iberian lynx population census 2015
Simons-Legaard et al 2016 Habitat monitoring and projections for Canada lynx
Sollmann et al 2014 Bringing clarity to clouded leopard first density estimate Sumatra
Summa et al 2015 Diagnosis and surgial treatment of hind limb deformity serval
Tateno et al 2015 Molecular survey of arthropod borne pathogens in ticks Japanese wildcat
Teichman et al 2016 Cougar human conflict positively related to trophy hunting
Terrell et al 2016 Continued decline in genetic diversity among wild cheetahs
Thornton et al 2016 Assessing umbrella value of range wide conservation network jaguar
Tortato et al 2017 Infanticide in a jaguar population
Trouwborst et al 2016 Border fences and their impacts on large carnivores herbivores and biodiversity
Trouwborst et al 2016 Interpreting FSC for large carnivores in Europe
Tumursukh et al 2016 Mountain ungulate prey status of snow leopard Mongolia
Umhang et al 2015 Echinococcus multilocularis detection domestic cats and wildcats
Url et al 2016 Nephropathies in European captive cheetah population
Valenzuela-Galvan et al 2013 Margay and bobcat from the dry forests
Vercillo et al 2016 Camera-trapping carnivores in Casentinesi Forest National Park
Veronesi et al 2016 First detection of Cytauxzoon infection in European wildcats of Italy
Villepique et al 2011 Diet of cougars following a decline of mule deer
Villordo-Galvan et al 2010 Jaguar in San Luis Potosi
Warren et al 2016 Forest cover mediates genetic connectivity of cougars
Widmer et al 2016 Clinical evaluation of ocelots in Atlantic Forest of Brazil
Wikenros 2011 Return of the wolf effects on prey competitors and scavengers
Wolf & Ripple 2016 Prey depletion as threat to worlds large carnivores
Zanon Martinez et al 2016 Native top predator relies on exotic prey in protected area

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