IUCN Cat Specialist Group Library Update 2017 07 13 - Wild Cat Family

IUCN Cat Specialist Group Library Update 2017 07 13

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The IUCN Cat Specialist Group has added 119 documents to their library as at 2017 07 13, of which 45 were published in 2017.

The list below is sorted by Author. To find documents on a particular topic type a keyword into the Search bar eg cheetah or South Africa. The compilers of the list have reduced the titles to be more concise and have excluded the latin names of species, so use the common names of the wild cats you are interested in.

Note: this is a very basic list and only the text in the titles is available to search on, and there is no link to the actual document.


To view the abstract for a document go to the IUCN CatSG Library Reference Search and type in a keyword per field:

  • eg Author = Amit, Title = puma, to = 2017 and [Search]
  • click on the document link in the results to preview the abstract
  • members can then click further on the pdf icon to download the full article

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Document Title
Abdukadir & Breitenmoser 2007 Last tigers of Xinjiang
Ahmadi et al 2017 Landscape suitability and habitat connectivity cheetah in Asia
Alibhai et al 2017 Challenge of monitoring elusive large carnivores
Amit & Jacobson 2017 Improving livestock husbandry to prevent depredation
Amit & Jacobson 2017 Rancher coexistence with jaguars and pumas
Anile & Devillard 2016 Study design and body mass influence RAIs in Felidae
Anonymous - Red data book of mammals of South Africa
Apps et al 2017 Interspecific responses of wild African carnivores to urine
Aziz et al 2013 Prioritizing threats to improve conservation strategy for tigers
Aziz et al 2017 Tiger and prey poaching in the Bangladesh Sundarbans
Barashkova et al 2017 Significance of protected areas for Pallas cat
Bauer et al 2017 Lion trophy hunting in West Africa - A response to Bouche et al
Beutel et al 2017 Spatial patterns of cooccurrence of European wildcat and domestic cat
Bleyhl et al 2017 Assessing landscape connectivity for large mammals Caucasus
Breitenmoser-Wuersten et al 2007 Strategic planning for leopard conservation Caucasus
Carvalho et al 2015 Risk of livestock depredation by jaguar Brazil
Chetri et al 2017 Snow leopard and Himalayan wolf food habits and prey selection in Nepal
Choudhury 2007 Asiatic golden cat Assam Manas National Park
Clement et al 2007 Does the serval still exist in North Senegal
da Silva et al 2016 Coat colour variants in an elusive Neotropical cat the jaguarundi
da Silva et al 2017 Mapping black panthers
de la Torre et al 2017 Assessing the global conservation status of jaguar
Dey et al 2017 Bayesian methods for estimating animal abundance
DNPWC 2017 Snow leopard conservation action plan 2017-2021 Nepal
Dorazio & Karanth 2017 Spatial distribution and abundance of animals detected by continuous-time recorders
Farhadinia et al 2017 Critically endangered Asiatic cheetah in Iran
Funston et al 2013 Insights into management of large carnivores for profitable wildlife based land uses
Funston et al 2017 Distribution and status of lions and large carnivores Angola
Gebresenbet et al 2017 Coexisting with large carnivores in Kafa Highlands Ethiopia
Ghimirey & Acharya - Status assessment of felids in Hugu Kori Biodiversity hotspot
Ghimirey & Acharya 2017 Vulnerable clouded leopard in Nepal an update
Gilbert 2016 Understanding and managing canine distemper virus Amur tiger
Gilfillan et al 2016 Existence and masculine behaviour of maned lionesse Botswana
Gill & Ostrowski 2015 Individual snow leopards camera trapped in 2013 Afghanistan
Gordon & Steward 2007 Use of logging roads by clouded leopards
Goswami & Vasudev 2017 Conflict mitigation and connectivity considerations human dominated landscape
Gray et al 2017 Wildlife snaring crisis in Asian forests
Greenbaum et al 2014 Allelic richness following population founding events
Hafizullah et al 2012 Chemical immobilization of two snow leopards Afghanistan
Hafizullah et al 2013 Chemical immobilization of two snow leopards Afghanistan
Hailer & Leonard 2008 Hybridization among native North American Canis species
Heinrich et al 2017 Cheetahs have stronger constitutive innate immunity than leopards
Henschel et al 2016 Distribution patterns and management needs of lion population
Hossain et al 2016 Camera trapping for increasing detection rates of wildlife crime
Ibler 2017 All for the cats oncillas in Dortmund zoo
Inskip 2013 Human tiger conflict Bangladesh Sundarbans
Jackson 2004 Has a tiger a future in India
Jacquier & Woodfine 2007 GPS study on single male cheetah Zimbabwe
Jedrzejewski et al 2017 Assessment of the state of jaguar in Venezuela
Jedrzejewski et al 2017 Human-jaguar conflicts and importance of retaliatory killing and hunting for jaguar
Johnsingh 2016 Kuno is ready to receive lions from Gujarat
Johnsingh et al 2017 Conservation in the mountains of Uttarakhand
Johnsingh et al 2017 Rapid assessment of tiger landscape Eastern Vidarbha
Karanth et al 2017 Spatio-temporal interactions facilitate large carnivore sympatry
Kerr 2016 Investigating FIV of lion and leopard in South Africa
Khorozyan et al 2017 Effects of shepherds and dogs on livestock depredation by leopards
Kshettry et al 2017 Leopard habitat use and human leopard interaction India
Lewis et al 2012 Bangladesh Tiger Action Plan Manual
Li et al 2016 Phylogenomic evidence for ancient hybridization in genomes of living cats
Lindsey et al 2017 The performance of African protected areas for lions and their prey
Lopez-Bao et al 2007 Iberian lynx tracked with GPS-GSM collars
Loveridge et al 2017 Human-predator conflict in Zimbabwe
Maharjan et al 2017 Habitat suitability for common leopard Shivapuri Nagarjun NP Nepal
Marker & Boast 2015 Human-wildlife conflict lessons learned cheetah conservation
Mazzolli et al 2017 Multiple methods increase detection of large and medium sized mammals
Mohd Azlan et al 2007 Historic records of felid collections Sarawak
Moo et al 2017 Camera trap surveys in Karen state Myanmar
Morato et al 2007 Jaguar photo-trapped Caatinga Brazil
Morato et al 2016 Space use and movement of neotropical top predator
Mukherjee et al 2016 Ecological species sorting in relation to habitat structure in small cat guild
Murray 2017 On the economic benefits of trophy hunting
Nagy-Reis et al 2017 Landscape use of Neotropical spotted cats
Norbu & Tobgay - Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary Conservation plan
Nowell et al 2007 Cats at CITES CoP 14
Nowell et al 2007 Re-evaluation of Felidae for 2008 IUCN Red List
Nyakatura & Bininda-Emonds 2012 New species level supertree complete with divergence time estimates
Ostrowsky & Gilbert 2016 Disease of free ranging snow leopards and primary prey species
Painer 2016 Reproductive management of female lynx
Patel et al 2016 Two species of Southeast Asian cats in the genus Catopuma with diverging histories
Ramesh et al 2016 Low leopard populations in protected areas of Maputaland
Ramesh et al 2016 Space use in a South African agriculture landscape by the caracal
Rayan & Linkie 2016 Flagship species in competition tiger leopard dhole in Malaysia
Read 2016 Abundance estimation of snow leopards in Eastern Afghanistan
Ripple et al 2016 Conserving the Worlds megafauna and biodiversity
Rodriguez et al 2016 Integrating knowledge to reduce extinction risk
Ryser & Breitenmoser 2007 GPS-GSM telemetry with Eurasian lynx in Swiss Alps and Jura
Saif et al 2016 Who is killing the tiger and why
Satter 2016 Estimating population density and survival of ocelots Belize
Simcharoen et al 2014 Factors influencing sambar distribution implications for tigers Thailand
Sliwa et al 2016 Surveying catching and monitoring Black footed cats Benfontein Nature reserve
Slotta-Bachmayr et al 2016 Status of European wildcat in Austria
Soria-Diaz et al 2016 Activity pattern of puma and prey in central Mexico
Steenweg et al 2017 Monitoring the planets biodiversity with networks of remote sensors
Strauss et al 2007 Trapping results sand cat study Saudi Arabia
Tan et al 2017 Habitat use and predicted range for mainland clouded leopard Malaysia
Tempa et al 2011 Camera trapping to estimate tiger population Royal Manas NP
Terwilliger 2016 Using GPS radiotelemetry to interpret road and trail use Canada lynx
Thinley & Tharchen 2015 Conservation Management Plan Jigme Dorji NP
Thinley et al 2015 Mammalian predators in Bhutans Jigme Dorji National Park
Tobgay et al 2011 Toorsa strict Nature Reserve Management Plan
Trinkel & Angelici 2016 Decline in the lion population in Africa and possible mitigation measures
Turghan et al 2011 Status of snow leopard and its conservation China
Valdez et al 2015 Population genetics of jaguars in the Brazilian Pantanal
van Heel et al 2017 Stakeholder perception of wolf lynx and fox in Dutch riverine area
Vitkalova & Shevtsova 2016 Population study of Amur leopard in Primorsky Krai
Vogt et al 2016 Chemical composition of Eurasian lynx urine
Wang 2007 Rare morph Asiatic golden cat Bhutan
Wang et al 2014 Dietary overlap of snow leopard and other carnivores China
WCS et al 2016 Planification of jaguar conservation in Amazon region
Widmer et al 2017 Live trapping ocelots
Wikenros et al 2017 Mesopredator behavioral response to olfactory signals of predator
Wilcox et al 2016 Predator mobbing and interspecies cooperation clouded leopard
Williams et al 2017 Population dynamics and threats to apex predator leopard
Wilting et al 2007 Two modern species of clouded leopard
Xiong et al 2017 Molecular dietary analysis of sympatric felids southwest China
Xu et al 2010 Snow leopard in Tomur National Nature Reserve China
Yasuda et al 2007 Camera trap records Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo
Yufeng et al 2007 First photographs in nature of the Chinese mountain cat
Yunyun et al 2014 Population survey and genetic diversity of snow leopard

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