IUCN Cat Specialist Group Library Update 2017 Nov 08

IUCN Cat Specialist Group Library Update 2017 Nov 08

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The IUCN Cat Specialist Group has added 197 documents to their library as at 2017 Nov 08, of which 30 were published in 2017.

The list below is sorted by Author. To find documents on a particular topic type a keyword into the Search bar eg puma 2017 or carnivore. The compilers of the list have reduced the titles to be more concise and have excluded the Latin names of species, so use the common names of the wild cats you are interested in.

Note: this is a very basic list and only the text in the titles is available to search on, and there is no link to the actual document.


To view the abstract for a document go to the IUCN CatSG Library Reference Search and type in a keyword per field:

  • eg Author = Amit, Title = puma, to = 2017 and [Search]
  • click on the document link in the results to preview the abstract
  • members can then click further on the pdf icon to download the full article

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Document Title
Ahearn et al 2010 Movement patterns and behavioral state in tigers
Akthar & Chauhan 2008 Human-wildlife conflict in Marwahi Forest Division
Angom 2012 Sangai in Keibul Lamjao National Park
Anonymous 1960 Kruger National Park annual report
Anonymous 2017 Environmental affairs confirm extension of zero quota for leopard hunting in South Africa
Areendran 2007 Vegetation ecology in Pench Tiger Reserve
Assefa et al 2008 Large mammal fauna from Kibish Formation
Athreya 2012 Conflict resolution and leopard conservation
Avenant 1997 Mammals in QwaQwa National Park
Avery et al 1990 Check list of land mammals in West Coast National Park
Babich 1964 Animal behaviour with respect to tourists Kruger NP
Bashalkhanov et al 2009 Estimating genetic diversity in large populations
Basu 2012 Impact of landscape changes on large mammal habitats in Pench Tiger Reserve
Bateman 1961 Mammals occurring in Bredasdorp and Swellendam districts
Behr 2004 Two ancient Eurasian migratory terms in Chinese revisited
Bhatnagar 2000 Depredation and wildlife-human conflicts in Hemis National Park
Boshoff et al 2002 Potential distributions and population sizes of medium to large-sized mammals Addo Elephant NP
Bothma & le Riche 1994 Range use by adult male caracal in southern Kalahari
Bothma et al 1997 Analysis of leopard hunting tactics Kalahari
Bourgeois 2015 Ecological impacts of urbanisation
Bowland & Bowland 1991 Passage rates through gut of serval and black-backed jackal
Briske 2017 Rangeland Systems Processes Management and Challenges
Brodie et al - Sarawak wildlife corridors
Brodie et al 2016 Individual links affect network stability large scale metacommunity
Brodie et al 2016 Landscape scale habitat connectivity
Carter et al 2016 Conceptual framework for understanding illegal carnivore killing
Chanchani et al 2014 Tigers of the Transboundary Terai Arc Landscape
Chandola 2012 Human-wildlife interaction in the Indus valley
Clauss & Paglia 2012 Iron storage in captive mammals
Clauss et al 2010 Digestion and energy in Carnivores
Clauss et al 2010 Stress susceptibility in captive individuals of solitary species
Codron et al 2016 Intra-population niches of carnivores and herbivores
Cozzi 2013 Habitat use and segregation among African large carnivores
Das et al 2012 Status of tigers in Sundarban Biosphere Reserve
Dave 2008 Ecology of chital in Gir
Day 2017 Gene flow in jaguars and pumas in southern Mexico
de Aquino et al 2015 Conservation and development in Mozambique
Dieckmann 2011 Analysis of novel haemotrophic Mycoplasma isolates
Dular 2015 Faunal diversity of Sariska Tiger Reserve
EIA 2017 South Africas trade exacerbates demand for tiger parts and derivatives
Elbroch 2017 Pumas solitary but social
Eloff 1964 Predatory habits of lions and hyaenas
Eloff 1984 Food ecology of the Kalahari lion
Filla et al 2017 Eurasian lynx habitat selection driven by avoidance of human activity
Geissmann et al 2009 Gibbon and biodiversity survey in southern Rahine Yoma
Geissmann et al 2009 Gibbon survey in Kim Hy Nature Reserve
Geret 2010 Disease potential of FeLV collected from Iberian lynxes
Geret et al 2011 Feline leukemia virus outbreak in Iberian lynx
Germain 2007 Hybridisation between wildcat and domestic cat
Goillot et al 2009 Dental microwear and diet in Carnivora
Gonzalez et al 2017 Estimation bias for distance sampling
Goyal 2008 Characterization of species from bone tusk horn and antler
Goyal 2014 Wildlife Forensics in south-east Asia for controlling illegal trade
Granados et al 2016 Mammals persistence in logged forest Malaysian Borneo
Gray et al 2017 Assessing Readiness for tiger reintroduction Cambodia
Greenpeace 2007 Biodiversity of Dhamra port site Orissa
Greminger et al 2010 The quest for Y-chromosomal markers
Grobler & Braack 1984 Mammals of the Addo Elephant National Park
Grobler 1982 Growth of male caracal kitten in Mountain Zebra National Park
Gupta 2011 Medium and small carnivores in Sariska Tiger Reserve
Guptha & Ramanujam 2017 Rusty-spotted cat record in Tamil Naidu India
Gurung 2006 Biodiversity conservation and livelihood needs in Kangchenjunga Conservation Area Nepal
Gustafson et al 2017 A single migrant enhances genetic diversity of an inbred puma population
Halsdorf 2002 Distribution of warthogs in a gradient of more or less modified savanna habitats
Halsdorf 2011 Resource use by grazers in Tanzania
Hanekom & Randall 2015 Occurrence and distribution of mammals in forests of Garden Route National Park
Harmsen et al 2017 Long term monitoring of jaguars in Belize
Jackson & Wangchuk 2000 People-wildlife conflicts in the trans-Himalaya
Jaksic-Born 2008 Effect of fire regime on large herbivores in Queen Elizabeth NP Uganda
Jaramillo 2016 Large felids livestock humans interactions Colombia
Jhala 2009 Ecological monitoring of Gir
Jhala et al 2014 Ecology of lions in Greater Gir ecosystem
Johnsingh & Raghunath 2017 Bringing back the tiger to Goa
Johnsingh 2017 In the company of George Schaller
Jyotsna 2007 Genetic studies of wild populations of tiger
Kaeppeli et al 2009 Clinical challenge
Kalle 2013 Sympatric small carnivores in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve
Kalle et al 2010 Habitat of small felids in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve
Kazlauskas 2010 Public attitudes towards Lithuanian large mammals
Kazlauskas 2010 Public attitudes towards Lithuanian large mammals Lithuanian
Kirkpatrick 2017 Morphology Evolutionary History and Ecology of Neofelis nebulosa
Kneisl et al 2014 Achilles heel of breeding cheetahs
Kolipaka et al 2017 Wild versus domestic prey in reintroduced tigers in Panna TR
Krengel et al 2013 Hemoplasma infection in Namibian cheetahs
Krengel et al 2015 Antibodies to feline leukemia virus in cheetahs
Krofel et al 2017 Does human infrastructure shape scent marking in solitary felid
Kumar et al 2002 Garo Hills Conservation Area
Kumar et al 2002 Terai Conservation Area
Kumar et al 2010 Man-leopard conflict and socio-economic impacts on rural community
Lakkundi 2010 Trypanosomosis with special reference to captive wild animals
Lamichhane et al 2017 Are conflict-causing tigers different Chitwan NP Nepal
Li et al 2009 Sweet receptor gene in species of Carnivora
Liebenberg 1964 Occurrence of large mammals in Golden Gate-Hooglandpark
Luja et al 2017 Small protected areas as stepping stones for jaguars in Western Mexico
Maletzke et al 2017 Cougar response to a gradient of human development
Mathai 1999 Habitat occupancy by tiger prey species in Panna NP
Mbeng Ndemozogo 2011 The commercialisation of wildlife in Gabon
Meli et al 2009 FeLV in Iberian lynxes
Meli et al 2010 Canine distemper virus in Iberian lynxes
Mills 1995 Wild dog and lion population trend during drought Kruger NP
Mondal 2011 Leopard in Sariska Tiger Reserve
Mondol 2011 Phylogeography and population genetics of the Bengal tiger
Monterroso et al 2014 Hair Snares and Camera traps efficiency mesocarnivores
Monterroso et al 2014 Plasticity in circadian activity patterns of mesocarnivores
Naha 2015 Human-tiger conflict in Sundarban Tiger Reserve
Naha et al 2014 Perception of fishermen towards human-tiger conflict around Sundarban Tiger Reserve
Naidenko et al 2014 Pallas cat seasonal weight loss serological survey Russia
Nameer 2015 Checklist of mammals of Kerala India
Nameer et al 2001 Mammals of Western Ghats
Namgail 2004 Interactions between argali and livestock
Nascimento & Feijo 2017 Taxonomic revision of the tigrina
Nates et al 2010 Students perception of species in Argentina
Nigam et al 2012 Development and maintenance of studbooks in Indian zoos
Nordbo et al 2017 Local opinions on trophy hunting in Kyrgyzstan
Ogra & Badola 2008 Compensating human-wildlife conflict in protected area communities
Ohrens 2015 Participatory research and action reduce puma human conflict high Andes Chile
Ottoni et al 2017 Palaeogenetics of cat dispersal in the ancient world
Pakpien et al 2017 Ecolocial covariates at tiger kill sites in HKK Thailand
Palazy 2013 Trophy hunting threat or ally to rare species
Paliwal 2008 Ungulate habitat relationships in Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve
Pant et al 2002 Satpura Conservation Area
Pavlova et al 2015 Feline viruses among domestic cats and Pallas cats Russia
Periquet 2014 How do spotted hyaenas cope with lions
Pienaar 1963 Large mammals of Kruger National Park
Pienaar et al 1969 Drugs in management and control of large carnivores
Pirie et al 2017 Farmers behaviours towards leopards and other carnivores South Africa
Pospischil et al 2012 Chlamydia in wild mammals of the Serengeti
Power 2002 Lion prey selection in a small enclosed reserve
Prentice et al 2017 Genetic differentiation of Canada lynx on Newfoundland and Cape Breton island
Priyadarshini 2005 Indian blackbuck
Pyritz et al 2010 Effects of habitat structure and fragmentation on primates
Qureshi et al 2006 Tiger habitat at the tehsil level
Raghavaiah 2007 Wetland birds of Pulicat Lake
Rajapandian 2009 Habitat occupancy of tiger in the Terai Arc Landscape
Rajapandian et al 2010 Evaluation of corridors connecting fragmented tiger populations
Rajvanshi et al 2013 Effects of road through sensitive habitats
Ramesh 2010 Prey selection and food habits of large carnivores in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve
Ramesh et al 2009 Food habits and prey selection of tiger and leopard in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve
Ramesh et al 2009 Status of tiger and prey in Panna Tiger Reserve
Ramesh et al 2012 Population of large carnivores and their prey South-western Ghats
Ramesh et al 2013 Status of tiger and prey in Panna Tiger Reserve
Ramsauer et al 2007 Seroprevalence in lions in the Central Kalahari
Rao et al 2002 Crop damage and livestock depredation by wildlife
Rautenbach 1976 Mammals in the Golden Gate Highlands National Park
Rautenbach et al 1979 Mammal fauna of Augrabies Falls National Park
Regazzi 2006 Adaptations of sand cats and Pallas cats to collective life in captivity
Riley et al 2017 Comparison of methods for estimating Amur tiger abundance
Robinson 1976 Mammals in Tsitsikama National Park
Sachdev 2003 MHC polymorphism in Asiatic lions
Sajeev et al 2002 Anaimalai Conservation Area
Sankar et al 2010 Monitoring of reintroduced tigers in Sariska Tiger Reserve
Sankar et al 2011 Sympatric carnivores in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve
Sankar et al 2013 Ecology of leopard in Sariska Tiger Reserve
Sankar et al 2013 Ecology of tigers in Pench Tiger Reserve
Schaller & Simon 1970 Endangered large mammals of Asia
Schaller et al 1966 Large mammels in Keoladeo Ghana Sanctuary Rajasthan
Schuppers 2010 Risk-based surveillance for Trichinella in Switzerland
Seema 2002 Management of wetland ecosystem in Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary
Selvan 2013 Sympatric large carnivores in Pakke Tiger Reserve
Sharma & Wright 2005 Monitoring tigers in Ranthambhore National Park
Shehzad 2011 DNA-based diet analyses in carnivores
Shehzad et al 2012 Leopard cat diet analysis based on next-generation sequencing
Singh et al 2012 Comparison of tiger population estimate methods
Singh et al 2015 Understanding human-tiger conflict around Corbett Tiger Reserve
Skead 1958 Mammals of the Uitenhage and Cradock districts
Solanki & Chutia 2004 Ethno zoology and socio-culture of Monpas
Srivastav et al 2011 Indian national studbook of Bengal tiger
Steinmetz et al 2010 Clinical course of a malignant tumor in a Siberian tiger
Stuart & Braack 1978 Mammals of Bontebok National Park
Suryawanshi 2013 Predation ecology and livestock damage by snow leopards
Suryawanshi et al 2017 Impact of wild prey availability on livestock predation by snow leopards
Tewari 2009 Swamp deer in Jhilmil Jheel Conservation Reserve
Thalwitzer et al 2010 Viral infections in free-ranging and captive cheetahs
Thapa 2011 Habitat suitability evaluation for leopard Chitwan National Park
Thapa et al 2017 Tigers in the Terai metapopulation dynamics
Trivedi 2006 Avifauna of some forested areas in Gujarat
Ud Din et al 2017 Pastoralist predator interaction conflict dynamics and conservation implications
Vijayan & Pati 2002 Impact of changing cropping patterns on man-animal conflicts around Gir
von Richter 1974 Survey of conserved areas in relation to wild animals
Walser-Reinhardt et al 2010 Bilateral vision loss in a captive cheetah
Watson 2006 Checklist of mammals of Tussen-die-Riviere Provincial Nature Reserve
Weilenmann et al 2010 Translocating stock-raiding leopards
Wenger et al 2010 Butorphanol medetomidine and midazolam in lions
Whyte & Smuts 1988 Dentition and life history of a male lion
Wildlife Institute of India 2005 Surveys in Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary Bhutan
Wildlife Institute of India 2014 National studbook Asiatic lion
Wildlife Institute of India 2014 National studbook clouded leopard
Wildlife Institute of India 2015 National studbook snow leopard
Willems & Hill 2009 Fear resources and vervet space use
Wolf & Ripple 2017 Range contractions of the worlds large carnivores
Wolf-Jaeckel et al 2010 Recombinant antigen for study of hemoplasma infections
WWF India 1992 Fur trade in Kathmandu
Yue et al 2015 Oil palm plantations fail to support mammal diversity
Yumnam 2014 Population structure of tigers in central India
Zabel 2010 Assessment of conservation performance payments
Zabel et al 2009 Comparing conventional and new policy approaches for carnivore conservation
Zambatis 1985 Body measurement of female serval

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