The 8 Cats of the Leopardus Lineage (largest to smallest)

The Leopardus lineage consists of 8 small spotted cats which are distributed throughout Central and South America, also known as the Ocelot group.
These cats have 36 chromosomes instead of 38 as per all the other Felidae species.

Video Clips Taken in the Wild

Ocelot Videos
ARKive video - Ocelot - overview
Geoffroy's Cat Videos
ARKive video - Geoffroy's cat - overview
Andean Cat Videos
ARKive video - Andean cat - overview
Margay Videos
ARKive video - Margay - overview
Pampas Cat Videos
ARKive video - Pampas cat - overview (no species-specific audio)
Guiña / Kodkod Videos
ARKive video - Guigna - overview
Tiger Cat / Tigrina / Oncilla Videos
ARKive video - Oncilla - overview

Wild Cat CourseLeopardus Lineage Cat Quiz

Click through on the images, videos and fact sheets above to find the answers to this quiz. Good luck!

1. Which is by far the largest cat in the group, with the next in size only half its weight?

2. Which of these cats is called the small cat version of the snow leopard?

3. Which cat is the most endangered?

4. Which of these cats live in trees and can hold on to branches with its hind feet?

5. Which cat has three types of pelage (fur) pattern?

6. Which is the smallest of the cats?

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