Canada Lynx - Canadian Lynx - Lynx canadensis
Lynx canadensis Southern Yukon, Canada
By Keith Williams (on Flickr), [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The beautiful thickly furred Canada Lynx (Lynx canadensis) is one of the few cat species that still have healthy populations in its remote range in Canada. Nevertheless due to trapping for their luxurious fur, populations have declined in southern areas where they were less abundant and local protection measures have become necessary.

Lynx Lineage

1. Eurasian Lynx (Lynx lynx)

2. Canada Lynx (Lynx canadensis)

3. Iberian Lynx (Lynx pardinus)

4. Bobcat (Lynx rufus)

Unique Facts

~ Numbers linked to snowshoe hares ~

~ Legal trapping programs CA ~

~ Endemic to North America ~

Canada Lynx (Lynx canadensis) Classification

The taxonomy or scientific classification of the Canada Lynx species (Lynx canadensis) is as follows:

Kingdom: Animalia (animals)

Phylum: Chordata (vertebrates)

Class: Mammalia (mammals)

Order: Carnivora (carnivores)

Suborder: Feliformia (cat-like)

Family: Felidae (cats)

Genus: Lynx

Species: Lynx canadensis (Canada Lynx)

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Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis) by Sylvain Cordier

Canada Lynx (Lynx canadensis) Subspecies

Lower Classifications

The global conservation status of the Canada Lynx, also known as Canadian Lynx, is Least Concern (LC), but the cat is listed as "Endangered" and "Threatened" under local legislation in some parts of its southern range. Currently there are no recognized subspecies.

Canada Lynx Conservation

The following organizations are involved in protecting the Canada Lynx by ensuring harvesting is sustainable in Canada, and to mitigate further declines due to excessive trapping, habitat destruction and fragmentation in its southern range.

Canada lynx playing in snow by Peter Weimann

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Canada Lynx Facts and Information

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