This lion documentary list includes documentaries and videos about the African Lion and Asian Lion. Many can be viewed online on YouTube and others via a subscription to a streaming service.

Lion Documentaries

These lion documentaries are all under one hour long, or under one hour per episode.

The Secret Lives of Lions

by CuriosityStream

“Lions differ from all other cats in that they are highly social, forming prides of up to 35 animals. There are now thought to be fewer than 15,000 lions remaining in Kenya’s Masai Mara, a drop of 75% in 50 years.”

Documentary 32 mins – on Curiosity Stream
The Secret Lives of Big Cats Series – Curiosity Stream 2019

The docuseries The Secret Lives of Big Cats was filmed using high tech starlight and thermal imaging night cameras to capture previously unrecorded behavior. The series includes seven episodes on the secret lives of Lions, Tigers, Jaguars, Leopards, Snow Leopards, Pumas and Cheetahs. Produced by CuriosityStream.

Lion doccie: Secret Lives of Lions on Curiosity Stream

India’s Wandering Lions

by PBS Nature / Discovery Channel

“As India’s population booms, her legendary wildlife has been squeezed almost out of existence. But the commitment of the Indian people to preserve their wildlife is surprising – leading even to bringing back what has been lost. Against a backdrop of teak forest, farmland and villages, this film explores the extraordinary story of Asia’s last lions and their recovery from near extinction.

From a mere 20 individuals a century ago, they now number over 400. But the lions have outgrown their sanctuary and spilled out into the surrounding countryside and villages. Yet here a unique relationship has developed between lions and people, revealing a story, not of continual conflict as we might expect, but one of survival and tolerance.”

Documentary 52 mins – on YouTube
PBS Nature / Discovery Channel 2015

Purchase the DVD from PBS.

Note: the channel hosting the video on YouTube indicates the video is by National Geographic, however the correct producer is PBS Nature.

Lions Rule

by Doclights on CuriosityStream

“The Lion, Africa’s ultimate predator. They’re known as the kings of the jungle yet their homeland is an open grassland rather than rainforest. In the African plains prey-rich real estate can be hard to come by, and lions work together to ensure no one claims their territory and usurps their crown.”

Documentary 50 mins – on Curiosity Stream
By DocLights on Curiosity Stream 2020

Watch Lions Rule on Prime Video.

Lion doccie: Lions Rule on Curiosity Stream

Killer IQ Lion v Hyena

by Terra Mater on CuriosityStream

“Kevin Richardson and leading animal behaviorists set up a series of experiments to unravel the mysteries of spotted hyena and lion behavior.

Episode 1 Predator Games (55 mins):  In a field lab like no other, a series of remarkable experiments will unravel the mysteries of the complex lives of the two top predators of the African plains. Hyenas live in a hierarchy akin to primates. Lions, on the other hand, are the only social species of cat. How does this benefit them?

Episode 2 Predator Challenge (53 mins): We discover the different ways that lions and hyenas approach and solve problems, why they need to co-operate and how this helps them to succeed and survive in their natural environment.”

Documentary 55 mins + 53 mins – on Curiosity Stream
By Terra Mater on Curiosity Stream 2014


Lion doccie: Killer Lion vs Hyena IQ Curiosity Stream

Lion Movies

These full length movies about lions each run for about an hour and a half and are available as DVDs or on streaming platforms. These films are classed as documentary as they follow real African lions in the wild and are not fictional stories.

The Last Lions

By National Geographic

“Fleeing a raging fire and a rival pride headed by the dangerous cub-killing lioness Silver Eye, Ma di Tau (“Mother of Lions”) and her fragile cubs must make their perilous escape by swimming a crocodile-infested river. Remote Duba Island is both a refuge and a strange new world for Ma di Tau and her cubs to conquer. On Duba, Ma di Tau must face off with the island’s herd of fierce buffalo whose huge, slashing horns are among the most dangerous weapons in Africa. Although the buffalo are one of her biggest threats, they are also one of her best hopes for survival if she can prevail over them. Yet, even as Ma di Tau faces devastating loss and escalating perils, she becomes part of a stunning turning point in the power dynamics on Duba Island, bringing together a competitive rival pride in a titanic primal bid to preserve the thing that matters most: the future of their bloodlines.”

Full length film 1hr 28 mins – on Dvd + Photo Book
National Geographic 2011


The Last Lions DVD

Available on Amazon USA

Photobook Companion

Available from Amazon USA and NHBS UK

African Cats

By Disneynature

“An epic true story set against the backdrop of one of the wildest places on Earth, African Cats captures the real-life love, humor, and determination of the majestic kings of the savanna. Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, the story features Mara, an endearing lion cub who strives to grow up with her mother’s strength, spirit, and wisdom; Sita, a fearless cheetah and single mother of five mischievous newborns; and Fang, a proud leader of the pride who must defend his family from a rival lion and his sons.”

Full length film 1hr 29 mins – on Dvd and Prime Video
Disneynature 2011


Lion documentary: African Cats by Disneynature

DVD available on Amazon USA or stream on Prime Video.

Lion Videos and Short Films

These lion videos and short films are all under ten minutes.

Living with Lions in Namibia

by WWF and National Geographic

“When lions threaten his livestock, a Namibian farmer’s first instinct might be to kill the big cats. But conservationists have brought attention to the benefits of wildlife preservation, which can include income from tourism and a rewarding sense of stewardship over lions and other animals.

The impact of these changing attitudes is chronicled in the short film “The Guardians,” from WWF and National Geographic grantee Andy Maser.”

Short film 6 mins – on YouTube
National Geographic 2014

See more videos from this WWF series:

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Lions 101 Nat Geo Wild

by National Geographic Wild

Excellent short educational video covering five key facts about lions – roaring, social structure, hunting success, manes and distribution and current status of African and Asiatic Lions.

“How much do lions eat? When do they begin to roar? Find out how many pounds of meat they devour, how loud their roars can be, and whether they are endangered.”

Short video 4.5 mins – on YouTube
National Geographic Wild 2017

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