SWCCF - January 2024 Newsletter

Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation ~ January 2024 Newsletter

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News from the Colocolo Project, Chile and the Pampas Cat Working Group, Peru.

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Republished with kind permission from Jim Sanderson, SWCCF.

The Colocolo Project

Conserving Colocolo, Chile's endemic Pampas cat 

by Carlos Castro, Chile

Last month we held our first Colocolo Camp.  We took children from rural schools to the Altos de Lircay National Reserve where we taught them about nature, research techniques, camera traps and, of course, small wild cats. The children were shown the problems faced by small wild cats and asked to figure out how to solve these problem. The answers were amazing: take better care of the chickens, improve hen houses, don't let the pets run free, and so on.  Participants offered simple but effective solution. The camp lasted an entire weekend thanks to the help of teachers, some parents and volunteers of The Colocolo Project.

In the coming months, The Colocolo Projects will sponsor more Colocolo Camps so we reach more rural children.  Most often we cannot change their parent's thinking, but believe me, these children can and do.  They are our strongest allies.

Expect more pictures and stories to share with everyone this year.  Many thanks to all our financial partners for supporting The Colocolo Project. and for making Colocolo Camp a success.

The Colocolo Project

Note: The Central Chilean Pampas Cat or Colocolo is a species of Pampas Cat.

Colocolo Project, Chile

Pampas Cat working Group

Quechua Women for Wild Cat Conservation

Merinia Mendoza Almeida, Peru

I want to update everyone and express our gratitude for the generous support provided by our financial partners.  We successfully completed our first mural (the mural was featured in a recent eNewsletter) but unfortunately, the second mural in Licapa was postponed due to adverse weather conditions [the weather at 14,500 ft is unpredictable - JGS].  The 8 cameras we successfully installed in 4 locations have been operational since the beginning of November.  A preliminary review of the camera footage is scheduled for the first week of February.  We are hopeful for pictures of Andean cat, Pampas cat, and Puma.  As you can see above, some of the cameras are adjacent to corrals.

Furthermore, we are obtaining permission from PROVIAS Ica for the installation of 4 warning signs to prevent wildlife traffic accidents and address damage caused by vehicles in our locality. Also, we have a cement mural project scheduled for construction in springtime.  Due to the lengthy approval process, we decided to submit the request well in advance.

One of my personal objectives is to give a voice to all the indigenous Quechua women who form the backbone of our high Andes communities.  Growing the network and bringing everyone together under the banner of wild cat conservation is a dream come true for me.

Many thanks to everyone for supporting our journey that is just beginning.

Pampas Cat Working Group

Pampas Cat Working Group

Wildlife Conservation Network

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