Here is a list of trips to see wild cats around the world in their natural habitat. Some tours and safaris focus on a particular big cat, others are general wildlife tours that include a chance of viewing wild cats.

Activity levels range from strenuous expeditions, to volunteering on research projects, to relaxed holidays.

Always bear in mind that sightings of any particular animal in its natural environment are not guaranteed and the experience of guides will greatly enhance your success. Sightings may also be very brief and are almost never like the wildlife documentaries that took a few weeks or months and specialized equipment to capture!

We have listed organizations that offer small group experiences, support conservation projects, and indicate their trips are environmentally and ethically responsible.

Wild Cat Family is not compensated to feature any of the organizations or tours on this list and does not explicitly recommend any of the tours.

Tours to See Wild Cats


On most wildlife safaris in the big five game reserves of Africa you are mostly likely to encounter the big cats – Lions, Leopards and Cheetahs.

If you are lucky you may also spot the fairly common smaller (or ‘medium’) cats – Caracals and Servals.

For the smallest cats, the open, arid regions are best to encounter African Wildcats, however for the more secretive and rarer Black-footed Cats and Sand Cats you will likely need to join a specialized tour or a research project.


Trips to see Lions

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Trips to see Leopards

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Trips to see Cheetahs

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Trips to see Tigers


Snow Leopard

Trips to see Snow Leopards

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Male African leopard stretching

Clouded Leopard

Clouded leopard Tours

Asiatic Lion

Asian Lion India


Eurasian & Iberian Lynx

Trips to see Lynx in Europe

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European Wildcat

Trips to see European wildcats

South America


Trips to see Jaguars in South America





Trips to see Pumas / Mountain Lions in South America