This Felidae species list shows the 45 wild cats grouped by Genus - including their scientific names (species names) and common names.

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Wild Cat List by Genus

Felidae GenusFelidae SpeciesFelidae Common Name
AcinonyxAcinonyx jubatusCheetah
CaracalCaracal aurataAfrican Golden Cat
CaracalCaracal caracalCaracal
CatopumaCatopuma badiaBornean Bay Cat
CatopumaCatopuma temminckiiAsiatic Golden Cat
FelisFelis bietiChinese Mountain Cat
FelisFelis chausJungle Cat
FelisFelis margaritaSand Cat
FelisFelis nigripesBlack-footed Cat
FelisFelis silvestrisEuropean Wildcat
FelisFelis lybicaAfro-Asiatic Wildcat
HerpailurusHerpailurus yagouaroundiJaguarundi
LeopardusLeopardus colocolaCentral Chilean Pampas Cat
LeopardusLeopardus braccatusBrazilian Pampas Cat
LeopardusLeopardus fasciatusUruguayan Pampas Cat
LeopardusLeopardus garleppiNorthern Pampas Cat
LeopardusLeopardus pajerosSouthern Pampas Cat
LeopardusLeopardus geoffroyiBrazilian Pampas Cat
LeopardusLeopardus guignaGuiña, Kodkod
LeopardusLeopardus guttulusSouthern Tiger Cat
LeopardusLeopardus tigrinusNorthern Tiger Cat
LeopardusLeopardus emiliaeEastern Tiger Cat
LeopardusLeopardus jacobitaAndean Cat
LeopardusLeopardus pardalisOcelot
LeopardusLeopardus wiediiMargay
LeptailurusLeptailurus servalServal
LynxLynx canadensisCanada Lynx
LynxLynx lynxEurasian Lynx
LynxLynx pardinusIberian Lynx
LynxLynx rufusBobcat
NeofelisNeofelis diardiSunda Clouded Leopard
NeofelisNeofelis nebulosaMainland Clouded Leopard
OtocolobusOtocolobus manulPallas's Cat
PantheraPanthera leoLion
PantheraPanthera oncaJaguar
PantheraPanthera pardusLeopard
PantheraPanthera tigrisTiger
PantheraPanthera unciaSnow Leopard
PardofelisPardofelis marmorataMarbled Cat
PrionailurusPrionailurus bengalensisMainland Leopard Cat
PrionailurusPrionailurus javanensisSunda Leopard Cat
PrionailurusPrionailurus planicepsFlat-headed Cat
PrionailurusPrionailurus rubiginosusRusty-spotted Cat
PrionailurusPrionailurus viverrinusFishing Cat
PumaPuma concolorPuma

Felidae Species List by Genus.pdf

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