This wild cat species list shows the 45 wild cats in the Felidae family with their common names and scientific names (species names).

  • The table is sorted alphabetically by Common Name to start.
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Wild Cat List - Common Name and Species Name

Wild Cat Common NameWild Cat Species Name
African Golden CatCaracal aurata
Afro-Asiatic WildcatFelis lybica
Andean CatLeopardus jacobita
Asiatic Golden CatCatopuma temminckii
Black-footed CatFelis nigripes
BobcatLynx rufus
Bornean Bay CatCatopuma badia
Brazilian Pampas Cat
Leopardus braccatus
Bornean Bay CatLynx canadensis
CaracalCaracal caracal
Central Chilean Pampas Cat Leopardus colocola
CheetahAcinonyx jubatus
Chinese Mountain CatFelis bieti
Eastern Tiger Cat
Leopardus emiliae
Eurasian LynxLynx lynx
European WildcatFelis silvestris
Fishing CatPrionailurus viverrinus
Flat-headed CatPrionailurus planiceps
Geoffroy's CatLeopardus geoffroyi
Guiña / KodkodLeopardus guigna
Iberian LynxLynx pardinus
JaguarPanthera onca
JaguarundiHerpailurus yagouaroundi
Jungle CatFelis chaus
LeopardPanthera pardus
LionPanthera leo
Mainland Clouded LeopardNeofelis nebulosa
Mainland Leopard CatPrionailurus bengalensis
Marbled CatPardofelis marmorata
MargayLeopardus wiedii
Northern Pampas CatLeopardus garleppi
Northern Tiger CatLeopardus tigrinus
OcelotLeopardus pardalis
Pallas's CatOtocolobus manul
Puma / Cougar / Mountain LionPuma concolor
Rusty-spotted CatPrionailurus rubiginosus
Sand CatFelis margarita
ServalLeptailurus serval
Snow LeopardPanthera uncia
Southern Pampas CatLeopardus pajeros
Southern Tiger CatLeopardus guttulus
Sunda Clouded LeopardNeofelis diardi
Sunda Leopard CatPrionailurus javanensis
TigerPanthera tigris
Uruguayan Pampas Cat Leopardus fasciatus

Wild Cat List by Common Name.pdf

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