The following wild cat species list shows the 38 wild cats in the Felidae family – their common and species names, and the continent where they occur. For the few multi-continent species, the continent with the largest range is listed first.

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Wild Cat Common NameWild Cat Species NameWild Cat Continent Range
Andean catLeopardus jacobitaSouth America
Pampas catLeopardus colocoloSouth America
Guiña, KodkodLeopardus guignaSouth America
Geoffroy's catLeopardus geoffroyiSouth America
Northern tiger catLeopardus tigrinusSouth America
Southern tiger catLeopardus guttulusSouth America
MargayLeopardus wiediSouth America
OcelotLeopardus pardalisSouth America
JaguarundiHerpailurus yagouaroundiSouth America
JaguarPanthera oncaSouth America
PumaPuma concolorSouth, North America
BobcatLynx rufusNorth America
Canada lynxLynx canadensisNorth America
Eurasian lynxLynx lynxEurope, Asia
Iberian lynxLynx pardinusEurope
Black-footed catFelis nigripesAfrica
African golden catProfelis aurataAfrica
ServalLeptailurus servalAfrica
CheetahAcinonyx jubatusAfrica
LionPanthera LeoAfrica
CaracalCaracal caracalAfrica, Asia
LeopardPanthera pardusAfrica, Asia
Jungle catFelis chausAsia
Sand catFelis margaritaAfrica, Asia
WildcatFelis silvestrisAsia, Africa, Europe
Chinese mountain catFelis bietiAsia
Pallas's catOtocolobus manulAsia
Snow leopardPanthera unciaAsia
TigerPanthera tigrisAsia
Leopard catPrionailurus bengalensisAsia
Fishing catPrionailurus viverrinusAsia
Rusty-spotted catPrionailurus rubiginosusAsia
Asiatic golden catCatopuma temminckiiAsia
Marbled catPardofelis marmorataAsia
Clouded leopardNeofelis nebulosaAsia
Sunda Clouded leopardNeofelis diardiAsia
Bornean bay catCatopuma badiaAsia
Flat-headed catPrionailurus planicepsAsia
Wild Cat List by Continent.pdf

Reference: The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2016-2. <>. 22 Nov 2016.