Wild Cat Research ~ IUCN CatSG Library Update May 2022

Wild Cat Research ~ IUCN Cat Specialist Group Library Update 04 May 2022

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The IUCN Cat Specialist Group has added 100 documents on Felidae research and other wild cat literature to their library as at 04 May 2022 which now totals 14312 documents.

The list below is sorted by the Wild Cat column to start. To find documents on a particular cat or topic, type a keyword into the Search bar eg jaguar or evolution. The compilers of the list have reduced the titles to be more concise and have excluded the Latin names of species, so use the common names of the wild cats you are interested in.

Note: this is a very basic list and only the text in the titles is available to search on, and there is no link to the actual document.

To view the abstract for a document go to the IUCN CatSG Library Reference Search and type in a keyword per field:

  • eg Author = Arias, Title = jaguar, to = 2022 and [Search]
  • click on the document link in the results to preview the abstract
  • members can then click further on the pdf icon to download the full article

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Document TitleWild Cat
Greco & Rovero 2020 African golden cat in Tanzania first record and vulnerability assessmentAfrican Golden Cat
Belen Zaparate et al 2022 New records of the Andean cat in ChileAndean Cat
Barcenas & Medellin 2021 Abundance and distribution of bobcat in MexicoBobcat
Prentice et al 2019 Identifying conservation units of Canada lynxCanada Lynx
Attum et al 2021 Waterhole visitation by caracal in JordanCaracal
Aebischer et al 2019 Apex predator decline after influx of pastoralists in former hunting zones in CARCarnivores
Akash & Zakir 2020 Bibliographic review of carnivores in Bangladesh 1971-2019Carnivores
Arias-Alzate et al 2020 Environmental drivers and distribution patterns of carnivores in the AmericasCarnivores
Bakker et al 2020 Divergent trends of large carnivores within Benoue Complex CameroonCarnivores
Fox-Rosales & de Oliveira 2022 Habitat use and conservation of small carnivores in Caatinga BrazilCarnivores
Mills 2015 Ecological relationship between large carnivores in the KalahariCarnivores
Crawford et al 2018 Chronology of reproductive investment determines predation risk aversionCarnivores
Meachen et al 2019 Regional variation in morphology of wild and captive cheetahCheetah
Portas et al 2021 Zebra with anthrax might have caused the death of three cheetahs in Namib desertCheetah
Bones Enger 2021 Scent-marking behaviour of Asiatic cheetah at camera trapsCheetah, Asiatic
Cheraghi et al 2019 Spatial interaction between Asiatic cheetah and Persian leopard in IranCheetah, Asiatic & Leopard, Persian
Cornhill et al 2022 Resident cheetah respond to lion reintroductionCheetah, Lion
Yu et al 2021 Evidence for the Chinese mountain cat as a wildcat conspecific and its introgression in the domestic catChinese Mountain Cat
Belecky & Gray 2020 Silence of the snares in SE AsiaConservation
Ansari 2020 Habitat model for Eurasian lynx in Markazi Province IranEurasian Lynx
Behzadi et al 2021 Phylogeny of Eurasian lynx including sequences from IranEurasian Lynx
Elofsson & Häggmark 2021 Impact of lynx and wolf on roe deer hunting benefits in SwedenEurasian Lynx
Palmero et al 2021 Demography of a Eurasian lynx population in BBAEurasian Lynx
Gil-Sanchez et al 2020 Fragmentation and low density in the southernmost population of European wildcatEuropean Wildcat
Howard-McCombe et al 2021 Genome-wide data to model time of hybridisation of wildcat in ScotlandEuropean Wildcat
Senn et al 2018 Extent of hybridization between wildcats and domestic cats in Scotland revealed from SNPEuropean Wildcat
deMenocal 2004 African climate change and evolution during Pliocene-PleistoceneEvolution
Eizirik & Trinidade 2021 Genetics and evolution of mammalian coat pigmentationEvolution
Graipel et al 2019 Melanism evolution in cat family is influenced by intraspecific communicationEvolution
Steele 2007 Late Pleistocene of AfricaEvolution
Azizan & Paradis 2021 Patterns and drivers of genetic diversity among Felidae speciesFelids
Bjordal 2016 Big cats at high risk of extinction as predators – what conservation strategies are neededFelids
Farias et al 2015 First records of four felid species in southern Puebla MexicoFelids
Fuentes-Moreno et al 2018 Records of two species of felines in Oaxaca MexicoFelids
Rimoldi & Chimento 2015 Record of four species of Felidae in an espartillar of the Rio Carcarana ArgentinaFelids
Barbero-Bermejo et al 2020 Protected areas providing connectivity for Iberian lynxIberian Lynx
Garrote & Perez de Ayala 2019 Spatial segregation between Iberian lynx and other carnivoresIberian Lynx
Arias et al 2020 Characteristics of illegal jaguar trade in Belize and GuatemalaJaguar
Astete et al 2017 Habitat suitability for jaguar puma and prey in Caatinga BrazilJaguar
Burrage et al 2020 A stochastic model of jaguar abundance in the Peruvian AmazonJaguar
Calderon et al 2022 Occupancy models for jaguars in Central AmericaJaguar
Cardoso et al 2020 Effectiveness of protected areas for jaguars in the Pantanal BrazilJaguar
Ceballos et al 2021 From jaguar population trends to conservation and public policy in MexicoJaguar
Cobucci Cerqueira et al 2021 Direct and indirect effects of roads on space use by jaguars in BrazilJaguar
de la Torre et al 2018 Conservation status of jaguar in Sierra Madre de Chiapas MexicoJaguar
Foster et al 2020 Jaguar density in a critical biological corridor in BelizeJaguar
Garcia Fontes et al 2021 Jaguar movement behavior using trajectories and association rule mining algorithmJaguar
Gasparini-Morato et al 2021 Is reintroduction a conservation tool for jaguar in the Brazilian PantanalJaguar
Jedrzejewski et al 2021 Effects of age and sex on daily activity levels and patterns in jaguar in VenezuelaJaguar
Menchaca et al 2019 Genetic structure and habitat connectivity for jaguar in Central BelizJaguar
Menezes et al 2021 Deforestation fires and lack of governance are displacing jaguars in Brazilian AmazonJaguar
Montalvo 2021 Drivers of jaguar distribution in Santa Rosa NP Costa RicaJaguar
Sanderson et al 2022 Habitat suitability for jaguar in Arizona and New Mexico USAJaguar
Srbek-Araujo 2015 Opportunistic consumption of meat of jaguar in Brazilian Amazon BrazilJaguar
Thompson et al 2020 Jaguar occurrence at the southwestern edge affected disproportionally by humansJaguar
Thompson et al 2021 Factors affecting space use of jaguarsJaguar
Mooring et al 2020 Natural selection of melanism in Costa Rican jaguar and oncillaJaguar, Oncilla
Palmeirim & Gibson 2021 Impacts of hydropower on jaguar and tiger habitatsJaguar, Tiger
Ruiz-Garcia et al 2018 Mitogenomics of the jaguarundi and disagreement with molecular dataJaguarundi
Sanchez Soto & Sanchez Soto 2017 Current record of Herpailurus yagouaroundi in Tabasco MexicoJaguarundi
Urrea Galeno et al 2016 Record of Puma yagouaroundi from Zicuiran Infiernillo Biosphere Reserve MexicoJaguarundi
Magioli & de Barros Ferraz 2018 Jaguarundi predation by puma in the Atlantic Forest BrazilJaguarundi, Puma
Havmoeller et al 2020 African leopard diet varies between habitatsLeopard
Akrim e al 2020 Livestock depredations by leopards in Pir Lasura NP PakistanLeopard
Athreya et al 2010 Translocation for mitigating conflicts with leopards in IndiaLeopard
Athreya et al 2020 The impact of leopards on livestock losses and human injuries in MaharashrtraLeopard
Badhe & Jaybhaye 2021 Habitat suitability for leopard in Junnar Froest Division of Pune forest IndiaLeopard
Farhadinia et al 2018 Intraspecific killing among leopards in IranLeopard
Farhadinia et al 2021 Big cats in borderlands – Transboundary conservation of Asian leopardLeopard, Asian
Gomez & Shepherd 2021 The illegal exploitation of Javan leopard and Sunda clouded leopard in IndonesiaLeopard, Javan & Sunda Clouded Leopard
Bauer et al 2022 Threat analysis for more effective lion conservationLion
Mwampeta et al 2021 Lion and spotted hyaena distributions in the Serengeti-Mara ecosystemLion
Salis et al 2021 Lions and brown bears colonized North America in multiple synchronous wavesLion
Macdonald et al 2019 Spatial conservation priorities for mainland clouded leopardsMainland Clouded Leopard
Falcao et al 2012 Medium and large sized mammals of RPPN Estacao Veracel BrazilMammals
Farhadinia et al 2021 Ex situ management as insurance against extinction of mammalian megafaunaMammals
Marin et al 2016 Mammals in two localities of dry forest in Guerrero State MexicoMammals
Marinho et al 2018 Medium to large sized mammals from the Caatinga of the Rio Grande do Norte BrazilMammals
Meza-Joya et al 2019 Spatio-temporal patterns of mammal road mortality in Magdalena Valley ColombiaMammals
Moran et al 20018 Interannual and daily activity patterns of mid-sized mammals in Maracaibo VenezuelaMammals
Porfirio et al 2018 Camera trapping in a mosaic of protected areas in Pantanal BrazilMammals
Kitchener et al 2022 A system for taxonomic certainty in mammals and other taxaMammals
Yang et al 2021 Persistence of the North Chinese leopard in central ChinaNorth Chinese Leopard
de Oliveira et al 2020 Status assessment of the northern tiger cat in the northern savannas of BrazilNorthern Tiger Cat
Perez-Valadez 2018 Record of ocelot Leopardus pardalis in Zacatecas State MexicoOcelot
Greenspan & Giordano 2021 Rangwide Pallas’s cat distribution modelPallas’s Cat
Tirelli et al 2021 High extinction risk and limited habitat connectivity of Munoas pampas catPampas Cat
Olarte Gonzalez et al 2015 Puma preying on white-tailed deer in palm oil plantation ColombiaPuma
Cunningham et al 2021 Pseudorabies is an underdiagnosed cause of death in Florida panthersPuma – Florida Panther
Cassaigne et al 2021 More natural prey reduces cattle predation by puma and jaguar in Sonora MexicoPuma, Jaguar
Howard-McCombe et al 2019 A mitochondrial phylogeny of the sand catSand Cat
Barnett et al 2020 Genomic adaptations and evolutionary history of the scimitar toothed catScimitar Toothed Cat
Haidir et al 2020 Sunda clouded leopard densities and human activities in SumatraSunda Clouded Leopard
Kaszta et al 2019 Integrating Sunda clouded leopard conservation into restoration planning in SabahSunda Clouded Leopard
Macdonald et al 2018 Habitat model identifies threats and conservation opportunities for Sunda clouded leopardSunda CLouded Leopard
Macdonald et al 2018 Impact of forest loss on Sunda clouded leopard in BorneoSunda Clouded Leopard
An et al 2021 Sex-specific habitat modeling for tigers in Chitwan NP NepalTiger
Gilbert et al 2020 Distemper extinction and vaccination of the Amur tigerTiger, Amur
Karmacharya et al 2016 Discovery of non-focal carnivores during genetic study of tiger and snow leopardTiger, Snow Leopard
Borges et al 2019 Topography irrigation and histology of thyroid gland in New Zealand rabbits BrazilZ Non felid

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