Wild Cat Research ~ IUCN CatSG Library Update June 2023

Wild Cat Research ~ IUCN Cat Specialist Group Library Update 12 June 2023

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The IUCN Cat Specialist Group has added over 100 documents on Felidae research and other wild cat literature to their library as at 12 June 2023 which now totals 15107 documents.

The list below is sorted by the Document Author column to start, click on the Wild Cat column title to sort by that column.

To find documents on a particular cat or topic, type a keyword into the Search bar eg jaguar or evolution.

The compilers of the list have reduced the titles to be more concise and have excluded the Latin names of species, so use the common names of the wild cats you are interested in.

Note: this is a very basic list and only the text in the titles is available to search on, and there is no link to the actual document.

To view the abstract for a document go to the IUCN CatSG Library Reference Search and type in a keyword per field:

  • eg Author = Anwar, Title = tiger, to = 2023 and [Search]
  • click on the document link in the results to preview the abstract
  • members can then click further on the pdf icon to download the full article

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Document Author and TitleWild Cat
Abraham et al 2020 Large predators mitigate nutrient lossCarnivores
Aditya 2019 Assessing impacts on mammal diversityMammals
Allen et al 2023 Effects of snow leopards on olfactory communication of Pallas cats in Altai mountains MongoliaSnow Leopard / Pallas's Cat
Alves 2020 Infectious disease status Scottish free-living cat population DissertationEuropean Wildcat
Alves et al 2023 Epidemiology of a hybrid swarmEuropean Wildcat
Anton et al 2020 The early evolution of the sabre-toothed felid killing biteEvolution
Anwar 2019 Status of tiger and prey Terai ArcTiger
Ashrafzadeh et al 2020 effectiveness of habitat and connectivity for endangered felids IranFelids
Augugliaro et al 2020 non volant mammal inventory of western Mongolian-Manchurian Grassland EcoregionMammals
Baatargal & Suuri 2021 Diet of Pallas's cat in Mongolian steppe habitatPallas's Cat
Baron et al 2023 Jaguarundi occupancy and interaction with other felidsJaguarundi
Bashir 2013 Carnivores in Khangchendzonga Biosphere ReserveCarnivores
Bharatbhai 2018 Behavioral ecology of Asiatic lionLion
Bhattacharjee 2014 Reintroduced tigers in Sariska Tiger ReserveTiger
Bisht 2019 Population dynamics and resource selection by tigersTiger
Bist et al 2021 patterns and trends research mammalian fauna NepalMammals
Biswas 2021 Metapopulation dynamics of tigerTiger
Blais et al 2023 Historical and current distribution cheetah NW AfricaCheetah
Bonnot et al 2019 Contrasting impacts of humans versus lynx on roe deerEurasian Lynx
Borrego et al 2018 Lion population dynamicsLion
Caruso et al 2023 Recent jaguar records confirm conservation value Baritu-Tariquia corridor Argentina BoliviaJaguar
Castaneda et al 2023 Confirmed puma in Merendon Mountain RangePuma
Chaber et al 2017 Serosurvey large predator guild northern BotswanaCarnivores
Chaudhary 2019 Ecology of leopard in central Gir National ParkLeopard
Chen et al 2016 status and conservation of the endangered snow leopardSnow Leopard
Chimed et al 2021 Examining the past and current distribution of Pallas's cat in southern MongoliaPallas's Cat
Christiansen 2012 Phylogeny of the sabertoothed felidsEvolution
Clauss et al 2021 Camera-trap data East African mammal assemblageMammals
Dar 2021 Human-wildlife conflict in Kashmir ValleyConservation
de Cuyper et al 2020 Comparing gut fill between hervivores and carnivoresCarnivores
DeGroot et al 2022 Human impacts on mammal communities in Rio Campo Nature Reserve Equatorial GuineaMammals
Deng et al 2016 A new skull of Machairodus horribilisEvolution
Dibadj et al 2018 maternal habitat by pallas's catPallas's Cat
Dula et al 2021 Carpathian lynx on the western edgeEurasian Lynx
Duque-Correa et al 2022 Jaguar mortality in European breeding populationJaguar
Farashi et al 2017 identifying biodiversity hotspotsConservation
Nardelli 2020 Felidae Indo MalayanFelids
Gebretensae & Kebede 2022 Review of the status of the lion in EthiopiaLion
Geraads & Peigne 2017 Re-evaluation of Felis pamiriEvolution
Ghosh 2022 Tiger TourismTiger
Gritsina et al 2019 some thoughts on the status of the manul in UzbekistanPallas's Cat
Gudenschwager et al 2019 dilated cardiomyopathy in pallas catPallas'c Cat
Gunner et al 2022 African lionLion
Heddergott et al 2016 first record of toxocara cati in a pallas catPallas's Cat
Hosseini et al 2018 first case of spirocerca lupi in pallas catPallas's Cat
Jathanna 2016 Ecology and conservation of small carnivoresCarnivores
Johansson et al 2022 Body measurements of snow leopardsSnow Leopard
Johnson-Ulrich et al 2022 Problem-solving in the CarnivoraCarnivores
Khalatbari et al 2023 Persistence CR Asiatic cheetah landscape genetic perspectiveCheetah
Khorozyan et al 2020 review of Pallas's cat records from the Caucasus with new record from ArmeniaPallas's Cat
Kitchener et al 2022 Felis aurata Temminck 1825Asiatic Golden Cat
Kumar 2019 Tiger and leopardTiger, Leopard
Lamichhane et al 2023 Record of Asiatic wildcat from ChitwanAfro-Asiatic WIldcat
Letro et al 2022 Occupancy pattern of prey and inferences for tiger population connectivity BhutanTiger
Lham et al 2021 Livestock depredation by snow leopard BhutanSnow Leopard
Lham et al 2021 Modeling distribution and habitat for snow leopard BhutanSnow Leopard
Li et al 2021 Camera-trap surveys reveal high diversity mammals Medog TibetMammals
Lopez et al 2019 Lack of contact with FIV in Iberian lynxIberian Lynx
Maheshwari et al 2023 Pallas cat and Tibetan fox standoff Ladakh IndiaPallas's Cat
Marker et al 2023 Cheetahs persist in the wild in the remote Awdal region SomalilandCheetah
Marneweck et al 2022 Middle-out ecology small carnivores as sentinels of global changeCarnivores
Marnewick et al 2023 Sinking African cheetahs in IndiaCheetah
Mijiddorj & Agvaantseren 2023 Empowering local championsConservation
Miththapala et al 2022 Using citizen science to study jungle cat Sri LankaJungle Cat
Mohd-Azlan et al 2023 Ecology occurrence and distribution wild felids Sarawak BorneoFelids
Moheb et al 2022 Snow leopard-human conflict as a conservation challenge a reviewSnow Leopard
Moroldoev 2019 New findings of the Pallas's cat in Vitim PlateauPallas's Cat
Murgatroyd et al 2023 First recent photo of cheetah in DjiboutiCheetah
Nayeri et al 2021 Freeranging dogs as a potential threat to Iranian mammalsMammals
Neo et al 2023 Settlements and plantations are sites of human-tiger interactions IndonesiaTiger
Palei et al 2023 Occurrence of rusty-spotted cat Badrama Wildlife Sanctuary IndiaRusty-spotted Cat
Pavlova et al 2015 patterns of seroprevalence of feline viruses among pallas's catsPallas's Cat
Pavlova et al 2016 occurrence pattern of influenza A Virus Pallas's catPallas's Cat
Pawar et al 2023 Evidence of tigers in Dehradun Forest Division IndiaTiger
Qiao et al 2022 Mammal and bird diversity recorded with camera traps in Gongga Mountain National Nature Reserve Sichuan ChinaMammals
Rasphone et al 2022 Diet and prey selection of clouded leopards and tigers in LaosClouded Leopard, Tiger
Sandom et al 2017 deconstructed cat communitiesFelids
Seyrling et al 2022 Diurnal and nocturnal behaviour of cheetahs and lions in zoosCheetah, Lion
Shahi et al 2023 Examining livestock depredation and peoples attitudes towards snow leopards NepalSnow Leopard
Sharma 2018 Habitat use and abundance of snow leopardSnow Leopard
Silmi et al 2013 Using leopard cats as pest controlLeopard
Silmi et al 2021 Activity and ranging behavior of leopard catsLeopard Cat
Strampelli et al 2020 Leopard density in southern MozambiqueLeopard
Teixeira 2018 Tolerance towards wildife in the Atlantic forestConservation
Tenzin et al 2023 Tiger conservation initiatives inside Sarpang district BhutanTiger
Thomson et al 2023 Custom designed camera traps lessons from Costa RicaResearch Methods
Torrents-Tico et al 2023 Biocultural conflicts traditional ceremony and threatened carnivores KenyaCarnivores
Tumenta et al 2023 Strategies to restore Waza National Park CameroonConservation
Uduman et al 2022 Attitudes towards Sri Lankan leopardLeopard
Upadhyaya et al 2020 Determining the risk of predator attacksCarnivores
Van der Weyde et al 2021 Collaboration for conservationConservation
Venkataraman et al 2021 Human lion coexistence Greater Gir landscapeLion
Vinks et al 2022 Leopard density and survival Kafue ZambiaLeopard
Wang et al 2020 Cameratrapping survey of the diversity of mammals and birds in the Tuotuo River basinMammals
Werhahn et al 2019 Himalayan wolf foraging ecology and importance of wild preyCarnivores
Western et al 2021 Understanding lion attacks on humans and livestock Maasailand KenyaLion
Xu et al 2019 the complete mitochondrial genome of Pallas's catPallas's Cat
Yirga et al 2021 Lion ecology and survival in EthiopiaLion
Zaheer et al 2023 First sighting of snow leopard Kishtwar High Altitude NP IndiaSnow Leopard
Zehnder et al 2018 Home ranges of lions in the KalahariLion
Zehra 2013 Study of large mammalian prey-predators of Gir Lion SanctuaryMammals
Zhao et al 2020 Vertebrate prey of Pallas cat Gongga Mountain NRPallas's Cat
Zingre et al 2023 Helicobacter pylori and Campylobacter jejuni in a captive cheetahCheetah
Zorondo-Rodriguez et al 2020 Social attitudes towards carnivoresCarnivores

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