Wild Cat Research ~ IUCN Cat Specialist Group Library Update 2018 Mar 27

Wild Cat Research ~ IUCN Cat Specialist Group Library Update 2018 Mar 27

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The IUCN Cat Specialist Group has added 276 documents on Felidae research and other wild cat literature to their library as at 2018 Mar 27. 113 documents were published in 2017 and 5 in 2018.

The list below is sorted by Author. To find documents on a particular topic, type a keyword into the Search bar eg leopard 2017 or conservation. The compilers of the list have reduced the titles to be more concise and have excluded the Latin names of species, so use the common names of the wild cats you are interested in.

Note: this is a very basic list and only the text in the titles is available to search on, and there is no link to the actual document.


To view the abstract for a document go to the IUCN CatSG Library Reference Search and type in a keyword per field:

  • eg Author = Aguilar, Title = tanzania, to = 2017 and [Search]
  • click on the document link in the results to preview the abstract
  • members can then click further on the pdf icon to download the full article

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Document Title
Abraha 2016 First camera trap record of leopards in Eritrea
Aguilar 2017 Felids in Enashiva Nature Refuge Tanzania
Akbaba & Ayas 2017 Lynx in north-western Turkey
Al Hikmani et al 2015 Arabian leopard in the Nejd region Dhofar Mountains
Alberts et al 2017 Hair and molecular identification of Neotropical felids
Altamirano et al 2013 Guina preys on cavity nesting nestlings
Ampeng et al 2015 Borneo bay cat in Sarawak Malaysian Borneo
Anco et al 2017 Historical mitochondrial diversity in African leopards revealed from museum specimen
Ange-Jaramillo & Castano-Uribe 2013 Environmental education and practical applications of felines Colombian Caribbean
Ange-Jaramillo 2013 Participatory approach for biodiversity conservation Feline Conservation Plan Colombian Caribbean
Anonymous - Annex I Activity programme for the recuperation plan Iberian lynx 2015-2016
Anonymous - The Scottish wildcat
Anonymous 1999 Conservation strategy for the Iberian lynx
Anonymous 2009 Conservation action programme jaguar Mexico
Anonymous 2010 National Conservation Plan for the puma
Anonymous 2013 China snow leopard conservation action plan
Anonymous 2014 Symposio Internacional Conservacion de Felinos en America
Arroyo-Arce et al 2016 Marine turtle predated by jaguar Costa Rica
Awais et al 2017 Camera trap photos of leopard in Galiat Forests of Abbottabad Pakistan
Aziz et al 2017 Tiger density estimate with noninvasive genetics in the Sundarbans
Balme et al 2017 Caching reduces kleptoparasitism in leopards
Balme et al 2017 Leopard distribution and abundance unaffected by competition with lions
Banerjee 2017 Land use and land cover change and its effect on Bengal tiger
Barichievy & Wacher 2016 Confirmation of wildcat in central & southern Saudi Arabia
Bauer et al 2015 Review of lion conservation strategies
Belant et al 2017 Temporal and spatial variation of broadcasted vocalizations does not reduce lion habituation
Beukes et al 2017 Estimating African lion abundance in southwestern Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park
Bhandari et al 2017 Diet of tiger in Chitwan NP Nepal
Bhatia et al 2016 Relationship between religion and attitudes toward large carnivores India
Bhattacharya & Habib 2016 Highest elevation record of tiger presence from India
Birlenbach & Klar 2009 Action plan for the conservation of the European wildcat in Germany
Black 2016 Genetics of Barbary lions
Boast et al 2015 Estimating cheetah density
Bogoni et al 2017 Development of predatory behaviours in southern tigrinas
Boron & Garrido 2013 Abundance of carnivores in the Agrolandscape of palm oil plantations
Borries et al 2015 Survival of marbled cat to at least 10 years of age
Breider et al 2016 Recent records of wild cats in the Boe sector Guinea Bissau
Breitenmoser et al 2017 Transboundary leopard conservation lesser Caucasus and Alborz range
Breton et al 2016 Sand cats in the Moroccan Sahara preliminary results of a new study
Broekhuis 2015 Leopard consumes adult cheetah Kenya
Buerki & Breitenmoser 2016 Conflict in Yemen threatens the Arabian leopard
Byrd et al 2017 Identifying wildlife species believed to be deserving of protection from hunting
Campbell - Spatial ecology of Scottish wildcat
Carter 2017 High elevation record marbled cat Kinabalu Park Malaysian Borneo
Casas-Marce et al 2017 Evolution of genetic variation of Iberian lynx reconstructed from ancient DNA
Castano Uribe 2013 Management of regional authorities Caribbean feline conservation plan
Castano-Uribe 2013 Some cultural contexts of the jaguar in the Colombian Caribbean
Castano-Uribe et al 2013 Conservation plan for Felidae in the Colombian Caribbean
Cavalcanti et al 2015 Practicas de manejo que podem auxiliar na prevencao
Cavalcanti et al 2016 Predation of an adult puma by an anaconda in south eastern Brazil
Chakrabarti & Jhala 2017 Selfish partners resource partitioning among male lions
Chakrabarti et al 2016 Allometry in consumption and costs of predation
Cheraghi et al 2017 Cheetah behaviour estimation from GPS telemetry
Cheyne et al 2017 Record of the bay cat in heath peat-swamp forest Indonesia
Chiang & Allen 2017 A review of our current knowledge of clouded leopards
Chowdhury et al 2015 Human fishing cat conflict and conservation Bangladesh
Corrales-Gutierrez et al 2016 Convenio entre el gobierno de Costa Rica y Panthera
Corrales-Gutierrez et al 2016 Implementacion de estrategias anti-depredatorias
Davate et al 2015 Rusty-spotted cat in dry deciduous forest of Tadoba India
de la Torre et al 2017 Spatial requirements of jaguars and pumas in southern Mexico
de Vittorio 2017 Update on situation of Malayan tiger
Departamento de biodiversidad y vida silvestre 2011 Action plan for jaguar conservation in Panama
Desbiez & de Paula 2012 Jaguar National Action Plan for Brazil
Desbiez et al 2013 National action plan for jaguar conservation Brazil
Devkar et al 2016 Rusty-spotted cat predating on bats
Dhendup et al 2016 Asiatic golden cat at high altitudes in Bhutan
Dhendup et al 2016 Clouded leopard co-exists with six other felids in Royal Manas NP Bhutan
Diaz-Pulido et al 2016 Implementacion del corredor del jaguar en areas no protegidas de Colombia
Dougoud et al 2017 Growing surface interference explains the rosette pattern of jaguar
Driscoll 2011 Phylogenetics and conservation of the wildcat
Eccard et al 2017 Roe deer increase vigilance when faced with predation by Eurasian lynx
Elbroch et al 2017 Adaptive social strategies in a solitary carnivore
Escobar-Lasso et al 2016 Consumption of olive ridley sea turtle by a cougar
Faizolahi 2016 Tiger in Iran
Farhadinia et al 2015 Capturing problem leopard close to Iran-Turkmenistan border
Farhadinia et al 2016 Ecology and conservation status of Asiatic cheetah in Iran
Farhadinia et al 2016 Status assessment of Pallas cat in Iran
Farhadinia et al 2017 Transboundary movements by Persian leopards in Iran
Farhadinia et al 2017 Wolves can suppress good will for leopards
Feng et al 2017 Collaboration brings hope for last Amur leopards
Ferreira & Sliwa 2017 Persian leopard semen collection Tehran Zoo
Figueiro et al 2017 Genome-wide signatures of complex introgression in big cats
Fredriksen 2016 Of wildcats and wild cats troubling species based conservation
Furbearer and Small Game Mammal Management Team 2012 Management plan for bobcat in New York
Garcia-Anleu et al 2015 The queen of Tikal and her suitors
Garrido & Vargas 2012 The felidae of Colombia
Garrido et al 2011 El corredor jaguar una oportunidad para asegurar la conectividad
Garrote et al 2017 Iberian lynx breeding in olive tree plantations
Gelin et al 2017 Response of pumas to migration of their prey in Patagonia
Ghadirian et al 2016 Sand cat in Iran
Ghafaripour et al 2017 Sand cat in south-eastern Iran
Ghaskadbi et al 2016 Rusty-spotted cat in Kalesar National Park and Sanctuary Haryana India
Ghoddousi et al 2016 The status of wildcat in Iran
Ghoddousi et al 2017 After sanctions the urge to upgrade and integrate conservation in Iran
Gilfillan 2017 Communication in African lion
Gilfillan et al 2017 Spontaneous discrimination of urine odours in wild African lions
Gimenez et al 2016 Management plan for Panthera onca Paraguay 2017-2027
Giordano & Rustam 2016 Dead langur predation or scavenging by Sunda clouded leopard
Gonzalez et al 2017 Andean cat record Puna of Jujuy province Argentina
Gonzalez-Gallina et al 2017 Black vultures used as food by jaguar Mexico
Gonzalez-Maya et al 2013 Ecology and conservation of felines and prey in the Colombian Caribbean
Gonzalez-Maya et al 2013 Feline wildlife conflict in the Colombian Caribbean
Gonzalez-Maya et al 2013 Habitat conservation priorities for felines in Colombian Caribbean
Gonzalez-Maya et al 2013 Methodological definition Colombian Caribbean Feline Conservation plan
Gouda et al 2016 Asiatic golden cat in Dampa Tiger Reserve India
Groom et al 2016 Review conservation strategy for cheetah and African wild dog in southern Africa
Guerisoli et al 2017 Characterization of puma-livestock conflicts in rangelands of central Argentina
Guo et al 2017 Habitat selection and their interspecific interactions for mammal assemblage China
Guoliang et al 2016 Detection of snow leopard population in northern Bortala Xinjiang China
Harmsen et al 2016 Marking behaviour by sympatric felids
Hathaway et al 2017 Engagement with media change the way human-wildlife interactions are reported
Hearn et al 2017 Responses of Sunda clouded leopard population density to anthropogenic disturbance
Herce 2011 Spatio-temporal interactions between sympatric felids Swiss Jura Mountains
Herrmann & Klar 2007 Wirkungsuntersuchung wildkatzensicherer Wildschutzzaun
Herrmann et al 2010 Wildtierkorridore
Hobson 2012 Prey selection in the Scottish wildcat
Holbrook et al 2017 Understanding and predicting habitat for Canada lynx conservation
Hoogesteijn - Manual sobre os problemas de predacao causados por oncas-pintadas e oncas-pardas
Hoogesteijn & Avella 2008 Topicos sobre seguridad y abigeato en hatos ganaderos
Hoogesteijn & Chapman 1997 Large ranches as conservation tools in the Venezuelan llanos
Hoogesteijn & Hoogesteijn 2005 Manual sobre os problemas de predacao
Hoogesteijn & Hoogesteijn 2010 Cattle ranching and biodiversity conservation in South Americas flooded savannas
Hoogesteijn & Hoogesteijn 2010 El bufalo de agua eficiente solucion a los problemas de depredacion
Hoogesteijn & Hoogesteijn 2011 Estrategias anti-depredacion para fincas una guia
Hoogesteijn & Hoogesteijn 2011 Estrategias anti-predacao para fazendas um guia
Hoogesteijn & Hoogesteijn 2013 Conservacion de jaguares en espacios humanizados
Hoogesteijn & Hoogesteijn 2014 Anti-predation strategies for cattle ranching in Latin America a guide
Hoogesteijn & Hoogesteijn 2015 Introduccion Manual de practicas ganaderas
Hoogesteijn et al 2015 El puma en Venezuela
Hoogesteijn et al 2016 Comportamiento del ganado criollo Sanmartinero y Pantaneiro
Hoogesteijn et al 2016 Conservacion de jaguares fuera de areas protegidas
Hoogesteijn et al 2016 Consideraciones sobre la peligrosidad del jaguar para los humanos
Hoogesteijn et al 2016 Experiencias en manejo antidepredatorio por jaguares y pumas
Hurstel & Laurent 2017 Rapport de monitoring 2016 Jura et Vosges
ICF 2011 National Action Plan for the jaguar in Honduras
Ironside et al 2017 Quantifying animal movement for caching foragers in pumas
Ironside et al 2017 Variable terrestrial GPS telemetry detection rates
Jena et al 2016 Rusty-spotted cat in Balaghat forest division India
Jerosch et al 2018 Importance of small scale structure for the wildcat in agricultural landscapes
Jhala & Sadhu 2017 Field guide for aging tigers
Jimenez et al 2013 Socio ecosystemic connectivity in relation with conservation plan for felids Colombian Caribbean
JNCC 2007 Conservation status assessment for species Felis silvestris wildcat
Johanshon & Strauss 2006 Wild und Jagd Landesjagdbericht 2005
Johanshon & Strauss 2009 Wild und Jagd Landesjagdbericht 2008
Johnson et al 2017 Rensching cats and dogs
Khan 2015 First confirmed record of marbled cat in Bangladesh
Khosravifard & Niamir 2016 The lair of the lion in Iran
Kilshaw et al 2016 Mapping spatial configuration of hybridization risk for European wildcat in Scotland
Kirsten et al 2017 Lions surviving in conflict zone Waza NP Cameroon
Kojola et al 2017 Prevalence of Trichinella infection in sympatric large carnivores
Kusler et al 2017 Bed site selection by cougar in the Yellowstone Ecosystem
Kusler et al 2017 Perceptions of puma-livestock conflict Torres del paine NP Chile
Lama et al 2016 Historical evidence of Pallas cat in Nyesyang valley Manang Nepal
Lamichhane et al 2016 Rusty-spotted cat 12th cat species in Western Terai of Nepal
Laton et al 2017 Road kill of leopard cats in a plantation area in Malaysia
Lehman et al 2017 Characteristics of successful puma kill sites of elk in the Black Hills
Lewis et al 2017 Pathogen prevalence in wild felids across a gradient of urbanization
Lindsey & Chikerema-Mandisodza 2012 Preliminary non-detriment finding assessment leopards in Zimbabwe
Linnell et al 2015 Eurasian lynx depredation on sheep in Norway
Littlewood et al 2014 Survey and scoping of wildcat priority areas
Lodeiro Ocampo et al 2016 Seasonal use of upper montane forests by the jaguar Argentina
Lone et al 2017 Temporal variation in habitat selection breaks the catch-22 of predation risk from multiple predators
Longchar et al 2017 Record of Asiatic golden cat in Nagaland India
Loveridge et al - Ecological sustainability of leopard trophy hunting in Zimbabwe
Loveridge et al 2017 Landscape of anthropogenic mortality response of African lions
Lucena-Perez et al 2018 Reproductive biology and genealogy in Iberian lynx
Luskin et al 2017 Sumatran tiger survival threatened by deforestation
Macdonald et al 2017 Lion trophy hunting and beyond
Mahar et al 2017 Pallas cat records in Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary India
Maheshwari et al 2016 Snow leopard illegal trade in Afghanistan
Makin et al 2017 Herbivores employ suite of antipredator behaviours to minimize risk from predators
Mali & Srinivasulu 2015 Rusty-spotted cat Sri Lankamalleshwara WS India
Mandal et al 2017 Status of leopard and striped hyena and their prey in Achanakmar
Manfredi et al 2017 Spacial and social organisation of Geoffroys cat
Marchini & Luciano 2009 Guia de convivencia gente e oncas
Marchini 2015 People and jaguars coexistence project
Marti 2017 Dentition evaluation and morphological measurements for age estimation of Eurasian lynx
Mata et al 2017 Small scale alterations in carnivore activity patterns close to motorways
Mattucci 2014 Conservation genetics of European wildcat
McClanahan et al 2017 Mountain lion in Sacramento Valley of California
McDougal et al 2016 Stability of tigers in Chitwan National Park Nepal
Meena 2015 Patrolling behaviour in male lions Gir Protected Area India
Mendelsohn et al 2003 Atlas of Namibia a portrait of the land and its people
Mitchell & Durant 2017 Tackling the illegal cheetah trade
Mkonyi et al 2017 Local attitudes and perceptions toward large carnivores Tanzania
Mohd-Azlan et al 2017 Incidental killing of Sunda clouded leopard Malaysia
Molinari-Jobin et al 2017 Range dynamics in the Alpine lynx population
Moqanaki et al 2016 The caracal in Iran
Moreno et al 2015 Causes of jaguar killing in Panama
Mousavi et al 2016 Current status of Eurasian lynx in Iran
Muriuki et al 2017 Cost of livestock lost to lions Amboseli ecosystem Kenya
Naidu et al 2015 Fishing cat records and its conservation in coastal South India
Naing et al 2017 Density estimates for clouded leopards marbled cats and tigers in Myanmar
Ng et al 2017 Sunda clouded leopard and the role of oil palm plantation for its conservation
Nova Scotia lynx recovery team 2007 Provincial recovery plan for the Canada lynx
Nunez & Aliaga-Rossel 2017 Jaguar fangs trafficking by Chinese in Bolivia
Nylander 2017 Activity pattern and livestock depredation by cheetah leopard and jackal
OConnor et al 2017 Camera trap arrays improve detection probability of wildlife
Olmos Yat Sing & Gonzalez-Fernandez 2015 Refugio privado de jaguares silvestres
Ostrowski & Gilbert 2017 Disease risk control free ranging snow leopards in captivity
Otaghvar et al 2017 First record of Pallas cat Kavdeh No-hunting area Iran
Palomares et al 2017 Non-inasive faecal survey for studying spatial ecology and kinship of solitary felids
Patel 2017 Closely related felidae species exhibit diverse evolutionary histories
Patel et al 2017 Phylogeography of the leopard cat
Paulson 1999 Reintroduction of Asiatic lions in Gir forest India
Pena-Mondragon & de la Pena-Cuellar 2017 Confirmed margay record Nuevo Leon Mexico
Perovic et al 2015 Conservation strategy for the jaguar in las Yungas Argentina
Perrig et al 2017 Puma predation subsidizes an obligate scavenger in the high Andes
Pisdamkham et al 2010 Thailand tiger action 2010-2022
Plasse et al 1998 Mortality in Venezuelan beef cattle
Poor et al 2017 Second record of melanistic Asiatic golden cat Sumatra
Porfirio et al 2017 Activity patterns of jaguars and pumas and their relationship to potential prey Brazilian Pantanal
Prerna et al 2016 First record of fishing cat in Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary Agar India
Pusparini et al 2017 Pathway to recovery the critically endangered Sumatran tiger
Rabeil et al 2016 Sand cat sightings in Niger and Chad
Rather et al 2017 Record of Asiatic wildcat in Bandhavgarh India
Reed et al 2017 Modeling landscape connectivity for bobcats using expert-opinion
Rios et al 2014 Conservation action plan for the jaguar in Ecuador
Rodgers & Pienaar 2017 Understanding and managing human-panther conflicts Florida
Rodriguez et al 2013 The Malibu tiger festival contributing to protected area connectivity
Roy et al 2016 The integrated tiger habitat conservation programme progress to date
Sadath & Islam 2015 A study on attitude of human tiger conflict in the Sundarbans Bangladesh
Sadhu et al 2017 Demography of a small isolated tiger population India
Saenz-Bolanos et al 2015 Black jaguars at Parque Nacional Barbilla Costa Rica
Sahu et al 2017 Melanistic jungle cats Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve India
Salinas-Camarena 2016 Jaguarundi in Cumbres de Monterrey NP Mexico
Sanei et a 2016 Status assessment of Persian leopard in Iran
Sanei et al 2016 Distribution and conservation of jungle cat in Iran
Saranholi et al 2017 Population structuring in South American puma
Sastramidjaja et al 2015 Bay cat in Kalimantan recent sightings
Schade et al 2013 Action plan European wildcat Rhoen
Schiaffino 2011 Action plan for jaguar conservation in Misiones Argentina
Schneider & Sowa 2014 National action plan for European wildcat
Sethy et al 2017 Evidence of marbled cat Dampa Tiger Reserve India
Shah et al 2015 Tiger dispersal in semi-arid landscape north-west India
Shamoon et al 2017 Fine-scale temporal and spatial population fluctuations of medium sized carnivores
Shanu & Bhattacharya 2017 Computational design of tiger corridors in India
Singh & Macdonald 2017 Population and activity of clouded leopard and marbled cat in Dampa
Spassov et al 2016 Status of the leopard in Turkey again
Srbek-Araujo 2018 Do female jaguars deliberately avoid camera traps
Stratford et al 2016 Servals in highlands of central Namibia
Suzuki et al 2015 Confirmation of marbled cat in northern Cambodia
Szleszkowski et al 2017 Tiger attack in a zoo
Thompson & Velilla 2017 Effect of deforestation on connectivity of jaguar populations
Torabian et al 2017 Habitat suitability mapping for sand cat in Central Iran
Tortato et al 2013 Poultry predation by margay and tigrina in southern Brazil
Trouwborst et al 2017 International law and lions
US Fish and Wildlife Service 2013 Gulf coast jaguarundi recovery plan first revision
US Fish and Wildlife Service 2016 Jaguar Draft Recovery Plan 20 Dec 2016
US Fish and Wildlife Service 2016 Recovery plan for the ocelot revision
UWA - Strategic action plan for large carnivore conservation Uganda 2010-2020
van der Meer 2018 Status of Zimbabwes cheetah population after land reform
Van der Merwe et al 2017 The economic significance of lion breeding operations in South Africa
Vargas et al 2007 Action plan for captive breeding in Iberian lynx
Vernes et al 2015 Co-occurrence of Colour morphs of Asiatic golden cat Bhutan
Volmer et al 2017 Did the leopard become extinct in Sumatra because of competition for prey
Walton et al 2017 The cost of migratory prey for Eurasian lynx in Norway
Wang et al 2017 Residential development alters puma behaviour
Wang et al 2018 Living on the edge Opportunities for Amur tiger recovery in China
Webb et al 2016 Chinese mountain cat and Pallas cat co-existing on Tibetan Plateau Sichuan
Wei et al 2011 Mitogenomic analysis of the genus Panthera
Weise et al 2017 Distribution and numbers of cheetah in southern Africa
White et al 2017 Correction Age estimation of lions with ROAR
Williams et al 2017 Questionnaire survey on the pan-African trade in lion parts
Williams et al 2017 The legal trade in lion bones from South Africa to Asia
Wilmers et al 2017 Energetics informed behavioral states reveal drive to kill in African leopards
Witzenberger & Hochkirch 2016 Genetic integrity of the European wildcat threatened by introgression
WWF 2015 Snow leopard Action Plan 2015-2020
Yara-Ortiz et al 2009 Regional management plan for the conservation of pumas in Tolima
Zambian Wildlife Authority 2009 Zambias conservation strategy and action plan
Zarrate Charry et al 2013 Progress of Conservation Plan for Felines of the Colombian Caribbean
Zarrate Charry et al 2013 Second quinquennium of the Colombian Caribbean Feline Conservation Plan
Zarza et al 2013 Regional initiatives for the consolidation of National jaguar conservation strategy Mexico
Zeiler 2017 Additiv oder kompensatorisch Auswirkung der Jagd auf Wildbestande
Zubairi & Naidu 2016 Fishing cat may not be extirpated in Pakistan

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