Wild Cat Research ~ IUCN CatSG Library Update 2019 May

Wild Cat Research ~ IUCN Cat Specialist Group Library Update 2019 May 06

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The IUCN Cat Specialist Group has added 136 documents on Felidae research and other wild cat literature to their library as at 2019 May 06 which now totals 12385 documents.

The list below is sorted by Author. To find documents on a particular topic, type a keyword into the Search bar eg leopard 2017 or conservation. The compilers of the list have reduced the titles to be more concise and have excluded the Latin names of species, so use the common names of the wild cats you are interested in.

Note: this is a very basic list and only the text in the titles is available to search on, and there is no link to the actual document.

To view the abstract for a document go to the IUCN CatSG Library Reference Search and type in a keyword per field:

  • eg Author = Aguilar, Title = tanzania, to = 2019 and [Search]
  • click on the document link in the results to preview the abstract
  • members can then click further on the pdf icon to download the full article

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Document Title
Bagatharia et al 2013 Complete mitogenome of asiatic lion
Baigas et al 2017 Highway crossing behavior of Canada lynx
Balarini et al 2012 Cycle of the seminiferous epithelium in oncilla
Balciauskas et al 2010 Lynx acceptance in Poland Lithuania and Estonia
Barbaran 2004 Estado del habitat y registros de la presencia del tigre
Barcenas & Medellin 2010 Ocelot in Aguascalientes Mexico
Barcenas et al 2011 Abundancia de pequenos carnivoros en San Ignacio Mexico
Barquez et al 2006 Mamiferos de Argentina
Bartczak & Meyerhoff 2013 Survival of two Eurasian lynx populations in Poland
Barthwal & Mathur 2012 Teachers knowledge and attitude toward wildlife
Barton 1891 A panther eating a panther
Baudi et al 2008 Frozen-thawed sperm in ocelot and tigrina
Bauer et al 2005 Scavenging behavior in puma
Beddard 1902 Mammalia
Belant et al 2011 Carnivores in the Americas
Bell 1904 A panther experience
Bell et al 2010 Isoflavone exposure of captive cheetahs
Bell et al 2012 Cheetah cub growth and energy intake
Bender & Rosas-Rosas 2016 Compensatory puma predation on adult female mule deer
Benson et al 2016 Mountain lion mule deer predation sites along an urban wildland gradient
Bentubo et al 2006 Microsporum gypseum in wild felids
Berlin 2007 Studying Scandinavian lynx population by use of genetic markers
Bertola et al 2015 Distinctiveness of lions in West and Central Africa
Bertschinger et al 2008 Captive breeding of cheetahs in South Africa
Bevins et al 2012 Pathogens in sympatric populations of pumas bobcats and domestic cats
Bewick 1820 Natural history of foreign quadrupeds
Bibi et al 2013 Ethno-carnivore relationship in Pakistan
Birkenheuer et al 2008 Cytauxzoon felis in bobcats
Bischof et al 2013 Time-to-event analysis of camera trap data
Blake et al 2015 Spatial and temporal activity patterns of ocelots in Ecuador
Blanc et al 2013 Abundance of rare and elusive species
Blanford 1888 The fauna of British India
Blazquez-Cabrera et al 2016 Influence of separating home range and dispersal movements
Boast et al 2013 Regional variation in body size of the cheetah
Boast et al 2016 Prey preferences of free-ranging cheetahs on farmland
Bocchiglieri et al 2010 Composition and diversity of mammals in the Cerrado central Brazil
Boman 1995 Costs and genetic benefits of various sizes of predator populations
Boscaini et al 2015 The origin of the critically endangered Iberian lynx
Boscaini et al 2016 Latest Early Pleistocene remains of Lynx pardinus
Bosman et al 2007 Babesia in various felid species in Southern Africa
Boudreaux & Barnes 2016 Activation peptide regions of PAR in Felidae
Boulhosa & Azevedo 2014 Perceptions of ranchers towards livestock predation
Boyles & Nielsen 2017 Bioaccumulation of PCBs in a wild North American felid
Boyles et al 2016 Halogenated flame retardants in bobcats
Bradford-Wright 2013 Social and reproductive behaviours in the cheetah in a captive population
Brandt 1856 Verbreitung des Tigers und seine Beziehungen zur Menschheit
Brehm 1895 Brehms life of animals Mammalia
Brennan et al 2006 Neurologic disease in captive lions
Brodie 1904 Extraordinary courage of a panther
Brooks 1995 Contingent valuation assessment of mountain lion hunting
Brown et al 2008 Genetic characterization of feline leukemia virus from Florida panthers
Brown et al 2009 Genetics and pathogenesis of feline infectious peritonitis virus
Brown et al 2010 FIV in wild Pallas cats
Bu et al 2016 Spatial and activity patterns of mesocarnivores Southwest China
Buckland 1889 A black tiger
Buckley et al 2016 Net effects of ecotourism on threatened species survival
Buderman et al 2016 Functional model for characterizing long-distance movement behaviour
Buenrostro-Silva et al 2012 Mamiferos del Parque Nacional Lagunas de Chacahua
Buffon 1792 Buffons natural history abridged Vol 1
Buffon 1799 Histoire naturelle par Buffon quadrupedes 3
Buffon 1799 Histoire naturelle par Buffon quadrupedes 6
Burke 1910 A fight between hyaena and a panther
Burton 1900 Bull terrier and tiger
Burton 1910 Some nature notes
Burton 1918 Notes from the Oriental Sporting Magazine 1869 to 1879
Burton 1921 Panthers
Bustamante et al 2011 Pequenos carnivoros en Osa Costa Rica
Butler 1900 Bear killed by a tiger
Cagnini et al 2012 Ocular melanoma and mammary carcinoma in an African lion
Campbell & Alvarado 2011 Perception of jaguar puma and coyote in El Salvador
Canon-Franco et al 2016 Characterization of Sarcocystis felis wild felids from Brazil
Caro 1995 Costs and correlates of play in cheetahs
Caro-Munizaga & Concha-Albornoz 2014 Descripcion anatomica de los musculos de puma
Carpenter et al 1996 Divergence of FIV in the puma
Carregaro et al 2016 Allometric scaling for wild felids
Carrera-Trevino et al 2016 Jaguar en la Reserva El Cielo Mexico
Carstens et al 2006 Ultrasonography of the normal cheetah abdomen
Carter et al 1945 Mammals of the Pacific World
Carvalho et al 2007 Parametros ecocardiograficos do gato-do-mato
Carvalho et al 2013 Comparison of two mammalian surveys with camera traps
Carver et al 2012 Zoonotic parasites of bobcats
Casas-Marce et al 2010 Searching for DNA in museum specimens
Castano & Corrales 2010 Mamiferos de la cuenca del rio La Miel
Castano Salazar 2012 Mamiferos de Caldas
Castilho et al 2012 Genetic structure and conservation of mountain lions
Caton Jones 1908 A bear attacking a tiger
Cazon et al 2009 Discriminacion de heces de puma y jaguar
Chadwick et al 2013 Captive-housed male cheetahs form naturalistic coalitions
Chagaeva & Naidenko 2012 Maternal behavior of the Eurasian lynx
Chai et al 2015 Valvular regurgitations in wild felids
Chakraborty & De 2002 Mid-dorsal guard hairs of hunting leopard and lesser panda
Chakraborty et al 1996 Identification of dorsal guard hairs of Indian Panthera
Chakraborty et al 1999 Identification of dorsal guard hairs of Indian lesser cats
Chamoli 2011 Biomechanics of felid skulls
Charre-Medellin et al 2012 Jaguarundi in Guanajuato Mexico
Charre-Medellin et al 2014 Nuevo registro de jaguar en Mexico
Chauhan et al 1995 Resolving human-large felid conflicts in India
Chavez 2011 Effectos del huracan Dean en carnivoros pequenos Yucatan Mexico
Chen et al 2016 Human-carnivore coexistence in Qomolangma NR China
Cherem 2005 Registros de mamiferos no sul do Brasil
Chiarello 2000 Conservation value of a native forest fragment
Chinchilla 1997 La dieta del jaguar el puma y el manigordo Costa Rica
Chivers et al 2014 Predator-prey systems depend on a prey refuge
Chomel et al 2016 Bartonella in free-ranging mountain lions and bobcats
Christiansen & Harris 2012 Craniomandibular morphology and dimorphism in pantherines
Cirignoli et al 2011 Mamiferos de la Reserva Valle del Cuna Piru Argentina
Clark et al 1980 Inventory of sensitive mammal species in Burley BLM District
Clarke 1904 The golden cat
Clavijo & Ramirez 2009 Taxonomia distribucion y conservacion de los felinos suramericanos
Clavijo-Maldonado & Ramirez-Benavides 2011 Caracteristicas cromosomicas de Felidae
Clements et al 2014 Prey preferences of five large African carnivores
Clements et al 2016 Prey morphology and predator sociality
Clemenza et al 2009 Puma predation on bighorn sheep
Cockle et al 2016 Predators of bird nests in Argentina and Paraguay
Comizzoli et al 2009 Reproductive science for wild carnivore conservation
Conradi 2006 Snow leopards in Phu valley Nepal
Coode 1890 A panther chasing a nilghai
Cornalia 1865 Nuova specie Felis jacobita
Cornish et al 1902 The living animals of the world
Cornish et al 1917 Mammals of other lands
Cory 1912 Mammals of Illinois and Wisconsin
Costa et al 2006 Cat cougar and jaguar spermatogenesis
Crepel 2001 Conditions de vie des pantheres en captivite
Cristescu et al 2013 Activity budgeting by large felids in an enclosed South African system
Crosier et al 2006 Cryopreservation of spermatozoa from cheetahs
Crossley et al 2012 Pandemic H1N1 2009 in captive cheetah
Crouzeilles et al 2015 Habitat availability in systematic planning for restoration
Cruickshank 2004 Prey selection and kill rates of cougars
Cucho et al 2016 Puma epididymal sperm morphometry
Cuervo-Robayo & Monroy-Vilchis 2012 Distribution potencial del jaguar en Guerrero Mexico
Cuff et al 2015 Body size evolution in living and extinct Felidae
Cuff et al 2016 Scaling of postcranial muscles in cats I
Cuff et al 2016 Scaling of postcranial muscles in cats II
Cullen et al 2016 Habitat fragmentation and jaguar conservation
Cumming 1904 Some panther notes
Cusack et al 2015 Camera trap placement strategy for monitoring mammal communities

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