The 3 Cats of the Caracal Lineage (largest to smallest)

The Caracal lineage consists of three cats occurring predominantly in Africa and are all medium-sized.
All three species predate on similar prey, however each cat occupies a different habitat thus reducing competition.
There are two species in the Caracal genus and one species in the Leptailurus genus.
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Caracal Lineage Classification

In scientific classification (taxonomy) the medium-sized African wild cats of the Caracal lineage belong to the cat family Felidae and the small cat subfamily Felinae. The higher and lower classifications of this group are as follows:

Family: Felidae

Subfamily: Felinae

Genus: Caracal

Species: Caracal caracal (Caracal)

Species: Caracal aurata (African Golden Cat)

Genus: Leptailurus

Species: Leptailurus serval (Serval)

Video Clips Taken in the Wild

Caracal Videos
ARKive video - Caracal stalking guineafowl
Serval Videos
ARKive video - Servals catching and eating Abdim's storks
African Golden Cat Videos
ARKive video - Camera trap footage of a wild African golden cat

Wild Cat CourseCaracal Lineage Cat Quiz

Click through on the images, videos and fact sheets above to find the answers to this quiz. Good luck!

1. On which continent do all three cats occur?

2. Which cats only occur on that continent and nowhere else (‘endemic’)?

3. Which cat has round pupils in contrast to most small cats that have vertical pupils?

4. What is similar about all these three cats?

5. Which cat is often confused with cheetah and leopards?

6. Which cat has only recently been studied in its natural habitat?

7. Which cat is often bred in first world countries for the exotic pet market?

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