Jaguar Tours South America

The following organizations offer tours to South America where you are likely to see Jaguars in their natural habitat. These companies offer small group experiences, support conservation projects, and indicate their trips are environmentally and ethically responsible:

Always bear in mind that sightings of any particular animal in its natural environment are not guaranteed and the experience of guides will greatly enhance your success.

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Female jaguar resting in vegetation by river © Kevin Schafer /

Jaguar Documentaries and Videos

These documentaries and video clips about the Jaguar can be viewed online, via YouTube or a streaming subscription.

Documentary 46mins - on Curiosity Stream
DocLights 2020

Documentary 32mins - on Curiosity Stream
The Secret Lives of Big Cats Series - Curiosity Stream 2019

Documentary 22mins - YouTube video Panthera - Living with Jaguars
VICE Motherboard 2018 (virtual reality format)

Video links often change, so if a link gives an error, try searching for the video title on Google to see if it is available elsewhere.

Jaguar Art

Browse beautiful Jaguar artwork by artists all over the world.